Boots Mobile Store 2398 173And LansingA man who sed he owns the store named aamir k station 38

Me an my sister went in the the store location at 2398 173and lansing il 60438
To buy a phone because i lost mine i walk in an sed what kinda dills do you have going on he sed we have this lg phone on sale i sed how much he sed do you have a old number to pert if so it would be cheper i sed yes i do an i lost to phone a few weeks ago i always had it for 1 week an its discounted right now he sed thats no problem then he told me i could get tgis lg phone 4g for 100 dollers with out tax an that he is given me 30 doller discount i sed sounds good an i ask with service he ses yes an my old phone that i lost was cut i off i new that he new that an so then i paid for the phone took it out the box wail steel in the store but in my g mail in the phone made a phone call an left an when i went home i was on the web then the next morning it was off an i was very upset that i just paid for it an call the store he sed idk what your talking about you just paid for a phone a hung up on me. An on my resit it sed cuz i got 8 dollers chang back out of 100

Jan 09, 2017

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