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I have been using this software and this forum, until I began to think.

1) let us look at the forum itself. At once we see that the only software that is described and discussed here is Boonex and AEDating, which is the same. There are some other small dating softwares, but just look at it all.
By the way, this Modmysite scam forum is announced by admin to be a means of FREE expressing thoughts about software. Ok where are then:
SkaDate,, Datetopia, Mojoscripts, WebScribble, DotSilver, DatingPro, MatchAgency, etc? All these scripts are wonderful, professional, interesting. Do we have only AEDating and Boonex scripts around? Yes, now they added AbleDating, the most powerful competetor of their, just to pour dirt on it. Nice means of doing business for modmysite.

2) Let us look at google.

Do you think that Smoge does this for free? Hm I doubt it a lot :-) Boonex scam teams pay to Rob (Smoge) ModMySite admin and pay a lot for this. I am a long time in this busines, and I know what is this and how much it costs.

3) Let us look at SEO Optimization of pages of modmysite.
aeWebWorks aeDating / BoonEx Dolphin Dating Script
Forums about aeWebWorks aeDating or BoonEx Dolphin Dating Script - -
General issues about aeWebWorks aeDating or BoonEx Dolphin Dating Script

Know something about SEO? So you probably do not have comments here.

4) Let us examine the mood with which Smoge (modmysite admin) speaks about AEDating dating software and Boonex community software in his starting posts of modmysite forums which naturally give the tone for the whole thread. At once we understand whose side he takes.

Is there any REAL FREE Dating software forum?!!

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  • Al
      Jul 13, 2009


    I have sent 4 emails now over the past 4 days and i have received ZERO response from any Boonex staff.

    I have emailed EVERY SINGLE email address available and even pleaded for a simple confirmation but NOTHING.

    This is very unacceptable! I am completly and utterly being ignored this is some of the worst customer service i have experianced. We are over schedule on a deadline and expected it done by now. I have done everything to get all the requirements for the hosting now i cannot even get a single reply from any staff to progress my Installation.

    Is anyone else having the same issue? Is there a telephone number i can call?

    I need it installing now urgently this is RIDICULAS.

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  • Mr
      Sep 13, 2009

    Same here.

    I also have not received a single response from Boonex technical support staff. I even purchased a license. I was searching around on skype and managed to located their Technical support. I asked for help and they turned me down stating that I have to $1000 to get their help. I went to the forum asking my questions. I was befriended by a guy who goes by the name of "Mydatery." I came across him completely by accident. He initiated the contact me asking me how I new about his secret software that no one was supposed to know anything about??? I had no clue what he was talking about. He pretended like he was helping me with the problems I was having using the Dolphin 6 software. This is when he started pushing his software he calls "Twisted Dolphin" on me. It looked like crap and could not believe something that someone would even try to push something like this. I told him I wasn't interested and that I didn't like the appearance. He didn't like my comments and now he also spams my website, email, yahoo without my permission. He is slandering me by calling me stupid. Can you believe this type of behavior would come from a representative of Boonex. I contact Boonex to tell them to have there Bull dog back off and he still keeps coming. I wish something would be done about this company thieves. If you see this scam artists face. My suggestion would be to run like hell!!!

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  • Mr
      Sep 13, 2009

    Just in case you didn't get the picture of him the first time. I am posting it again.

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  • Do
      Oct 02, 2009

    modmysite is not on boonex payroll and does not have any deal with boonex. modmysite was setup a long time ago (years) when Boonex was aedating. in the past they had other scripts on the forum but took then off because there was no posting about the other scripts. so they focus on what most all the users use which is better anyways as it is less confusing.

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  • Ch
      Oct 20, 2009

    boonex is OK software. Not good but SORT OF stable. Needs to unconfuse itself first. Then after it comes out of the poorly coded php closet, it can decide if it wants to work with DBs over a few thousand members or not. Until then it is a hot mess of a wannabe facebutt mixed with WTF is wrong with this home made site ###.

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  • Ri
      Jan 07, 2010

    Boonex Dolphin Scam Script is the most ugly and terrible piece of code I've ever seen!!! Try to digg in the code, change something substantially - and you'll see yourself that it has architecture that is impossible to deploy. Structured programming mixed with OOP that violates all normal rules of OOAD, ugly and difficult to read style of coding - man I'm so angry and disappointed with it - current project I'm building upon it is late because I HAD TO REIMPLEMENT MOST SOCIAL NETWORKING FEATURES what was done because of tight coupling of code and terrible design in general…>:( Don't even think of buying it if you plan to change at least something about it substantially. It might work if you plan to stick with it while making minor changes - mostly styles and colors. But everything over that will make you regret…
    I haven't tried other Boonex products yet (and never will do so!), but DOLPHIN IS THE WORST SCRIPT I'VE EVER SEEN. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING OTHER PRODUCTS - there are plenty of them.
    Considering previous post - why someone wants to lie about company whereabouts? There's no other answer but to fool customers. They say they offer quality product with customer support, which is a big lie. Boonex Scam Script has a lot of complaints all around the web. Try googling Boonex complaints. Report to if you have your own complaint.
    Don't get fooled - use SocialEngine, JomSocial, Drupal, etc instead. Boonex is a scam.

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  • Hi
      Sep 03, 2010

    I am in the process of contacting the Russian embassy, in talks with the Japanese and US Embassy. I am pressuring the Embassy to take a harder stance against these scammers Boonex included.
    I got ripped off from Abledating..I asked for a simple refund which wasnt granted..Now my mission will be to remove or press local governments to see these scripts as threats to the intelligense apparatus o the United States governmen. Shutting down operations from the credit card industries that are charged..It seems 3 rd party gateway system faciliate this..and must be targeted...
    The IRS can be of assistance as well..

    the point is..this will continue unless you write your government offices...
    Right now the US wants to move awy nd decouple from a free internet...Now is the time to put pressure on your government...
    It would have been easier for them to refund me..

    In the end you must cost them more than what they cheat you with...
    Make it uncomfortable..

    Make videos on Youtube
    Write your local congressman..
    Black list them on their site by visiting them and telling people on the site they are rip offs..

    Able dating.
    Boonex etc

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  • Hi
      Sep 03, 2010

    Sert up hacker networks to combat this..
    Creat a social network for hackers for hire..
    Ethical hackers that target organizations that defraud.

    If you are scammed or cheated..Allow your customer to post complaints and let them pay for solutions...through donations..

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