Boone Tire Center / Incompetent Service

Blowing Rock Road, Boone, NC, United States

For anyone that is ever in Boone, NC USA and ever needs tire service, never go to Boone Tire Center. They are incompetent, do not care about their customers, and will try to rip off college students in a heartbeat.

My tires were making a rumbling noise and my truck was bouncing as I drove it down the road. I knew something was wrong so I took it to Boone Tire Center, as they were the closest tire establishment to where I lived. They proceeded to look at the tire and first told me there was nothing wrong with it. Then the owner had the nerve to send out a 10-12 year old kid to start jacking up my truck and tell me that my truck was out of alignment and I would need new tires. The lady didn't even look at my tires and I am going to trust the judgment of a 10-12 year old kid who had no idea what he was doing??? As a college student, money is tight and I could not afford a new set of tires. When I told them my truck was not out of alignment, the owner got an attitude and told me there was nothing she could do. I left and went to another establishment. Come to find out, my tire had a broken belt, which had created a bulge and soft spot in my tread, which was creating all the bouncing and noise. The tire could have blown out at any second and killed me and others on the road and they tell me my truck is out of alignment???

Never go to this business. Stay away from it like the plague. If you trust your life, never go here.

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