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I have Been trying to get through the customer service to check on a order I made on the 15th of December and was on hold for a hour and then I get hung up on how in the heck do you get business if you don't answer the phone you guy's are a joke not only that I better not get charged cause I use my boyfriend debit card and if we get charged I will dispute it believe me I am not happy and I will make sure I wont be ordering from you again and I will spread the word to family and friends not to order from you guy's as well cause you guy's have awful customer service to let you know this order was suppost to be Christmas present now that person will not get a neat gift cause of your poor customer service my name is Kimberly Williams my number is [protected] if you want to make a customer happy that's the number to call otherwise you lost a customer and for many more what I think we should get what supposly ordred free since you guy's have can't treat your customers the way they should be treated Thank you for you ungreatfull time

Dec 17, 2016

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