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After finding a travel agency to book travel for 21 members of my family, I learned about the end, I booked my immediate family of 7 through because they were able to get a better rate. The other 14 members stayed with the other travel agent. I wish I had too.

The short story is that once you book your travel and they get your money, they are useless to you. They don't send you any travel documents (you have to navigate their website and print everything on your own), and I found out the hard way that they don't request seat assignments for your air travel. (The other agency, and most others do). As a result I had to pay an extra $90 to get seats paired up, otherwise all 7 seats were middle seats spread out all over the plane!!! 4 of my travelers were children - 3 under the age of 8. For my return flight the airline could not accommodate me so I had to beg people to take 2 of my middle seats so I could have my 3 and 5 year old sit with me.

As if that wasn't enough, I spent alot of time working with the agent on finding the shortest flight duration since I have 4 young children and it was their first time flying. I had an option for a non-stop flight from my local airport, but the agent found me a significantly lower cost flight out of another nearby airport that he assured me was fact the itinerary I printed from their website said it was non-stop with a total travel duration of under 3 hours. I found out the day before travel that it had 1 stop, and the total duration was over 5 hours! So almost twice the duration with my family spread out all over the planes.

Did I mention I booked all this 6 months in advance through They added no value, and caused us to take extra flights and sit apart. Try another agency :-)

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  • Kj
      22nd of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Terrible company. I was supposed to get a rental car included in my package, but when I get to the rental car place they didn't book my car. I spent 3 hours in Hertz waiting for them to fix my problem. They never did by the way. I had to pay out of pocket for the car, now they are saying they will refund my credit card for 280 when the car cost 360. Never AGAIN stay away from this company. They like to take your money and not provide service.

  • Tr
      29th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I reserved a room with for a hotel in San Francisco about two months ahead of the stay and received a confirmation number from but when I arrived at the hotel they said I had no reservation even after giving them the confirmation number. I reserved a Queen Deluxe and all the hotel had available was a double bed. After trying to call Book I was hung up on a few different times because the operator at could not figure out how to transfer me to Customer Service to resolve the issue. Even after transferring me the representative called the hotel and confirmed there was no reservation. There was a $75 charge that Book charged me for it's services when I made the reservation. What service did they provide? When a representative from emailed me they said all the hotel would reimburse was $20 and would take 10% off my next purchase from them. Big Deal! Never Again will I reserve any hotels with this site.

  • Ta
      7th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I agree with every person with something negative to say about BOOKIT.COM they suck. I have pictures of the hotel that we stayed at and it was horrible. Then they send us to another hotel that was just as bad and charged us an addition 85.00. I will never ever use them again...

  • Bo
      30th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I agree that dosn't hold up to its obligations. I made a two night reservation through them for a hotel, and the hotel managment falsely accused me of being an udesireable guest based on some here-say from one of their staff, and I then had to tell my wife and seven year old daughter that we were being kicked out of the room on our second day, and the manager refused to credit a refund for one night back to They probably booked that same room that night, and made double thier money. Lesson learned, never book with a smaller resort hotel, and book with a flag....They have franchizes and have to answer to a higher athority.

  • Ar
      11th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is the worst experience I've ever had with customer service, period! The rate was great so I booked because the terms seems so accommodating, especially with the cancellation policies clearly posted everywhere throughout the booking process. Within 2 days I got these vouchers on my email, so I thought vouchers? What is this 1999? Again, I left it alone in spite of little things that had already made me uncomfortable like the travel insurance I had been charged for which I remember declining. Anyway, all was fine until I called tonight to change the room type and was told I had to pay 19 dollars as they had to cancel and re-book my reservation, again another abusive practice because, when was the last time you called a hotel directly and were charged for something as minute as this? Now mind you there was no rate change, the two rooms cost the same, the reservation total was the same, it was just a fee for the hell of it if you ask me.
    So once again I decided to leave it alone. I did tell the agent that my confirmation email indicated that there were NO cancellation fees associated with this reservation as of today's date, meaning there are charges if cancelled at a later time, but he explained that while true, those fees were associated with administrative costs rather than hotel fees, he also referred me to the fine print where this language, after a closer look, is indeed vaguely mentioned.

    So I thought, " Ok, so I gotta pay", I went ahead and gave my credit card number only to realize later that they charged the card associated with my original reservation, and not the new card, not 19 dollars but 134 dollars to originate this reservation all over again! NOT GOOD, especially because I wasn't told, it wasn't the credit card number I authorized new charges on and NO ONE HAD EXPLAINED THAT THE ORIGINAL FEES ASSOCIATED WITH THE ORIGINAL RESERVATION WOULD NOT AUTOMATICALLY TRANSFER OVER. Add to that really bad customer service, un-refundable airport transfer fees and you got yourself an experience with a company that shouldn't really be in business. Who knows, I might be refunded tomorrow as promised, which i'm not counting on, but regardless I'm loosing money, I have also lost time on the phone and will loose more time finding another hotel. Don't do it, take it from us is a huge scam!

  • Ga
      27th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Stay away from They just ripped me of my $366. I booked a vaccation in Orlando and I have never received a confirmation for it, so I thought it did not get through. Booked it with another company and charged me the full amount and refused to credit my account back although I did not stay at their partner hotel nor received any email confirming that my payment went through., I hope you are not going to pollute the internet business environment for much longer.

  • Sh
      29th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I reserved a hotel room in Aruba in June and added two round-trip transfers. On the hotel room selection page it clearly stated, no penalty if cancelled by 6/5/08. I never got any email confirmation of my reservation but saw my credit card charged w/in a couple days for $43 and $100(thank goodness I was at least smart enough to do a payment plan so they wouldn't have all of my $).

    As I found a cheaper reservation through American Airline vacations I went online to try to cancel my reservation a couple days later and the system couldn't bring it up. I called customer service and she advised me I would be charged a $19.95 cancel fee and the transfers were non-refundable. I argued with her that it said no penalty and she said I needed to read the "book-it terms" and that the transfers stated non-refundable. Upon going back..I see if you click the "click for available hotels" link next to transfers it will state non-refundable...but since I had already selected my hotel and it listed transfers..I had no need to do so. Furthermore...the terms do say cancellations have fees ranging from $19.95 and says..."see cancellation details"...which are nowhere to be found. Based on that...I assumed the DETAILS were what was clearly stated on the hotel booking page...NO PENALTY BEFORE 6/5/08. After the phone call I emailed customer service as I neglected to ask if I would at least get my transfers since I was still paying for them(and could maybe cancel my others through AA) response. I was refunded $80 of my $143...but have now put the remainder in dispute with my credit card! I am telling everyone I know not to use this site/service!

  • Li
      14th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is the WORST agency ever!!! I booked a package which includes hotel, flight, and car and they messed up my flight. So my car and hotel was on a Sunday and the flight is on a Monday!!! When I called them, they keep putting me on hold and said they would get back to me. It has been two weeks and still no answer from them. The deal might be good, but in the end you will have to pay more than its worth. Save your time and spend the extra couple bucks with no stress.

  • Wh
      16th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Both my parents and I booked a room at an Orlando resort through bookit separately on different days, weeks in advance. I received a confirmation and they happily charged my credit card. Ya, no problem. So after driving four hours to Orlando, the hotel tells me my reservation confirmation is not in their system and they do not have a room for me. My parents’ reservation was fine. The hotel said there was nothing they could do and I would have contact bookit. After spending 7 minutes on hold, the rep tells me that their computer screwed up and gave me the same confirmation number as my parents. Perhaps because we have the same last name???? You’d think the system could handle that. After two hours of going back and forth with bookit and the hotel, everything seemed to be straightened out. Only to find out several weeks later, the hotel had charged me again for the full amount. After calling the hotel, they took the charge off and seemed quite annoyed with yet another mess up….. Moral of the story, don’t EVER use!!!

  • Fu
      17th of Jul, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I worked for this company. I dealt with alot of disputes and angry guest. I can say first hand that this company does not care about the guest. They do not care about the condition of their properties and they do not care if someone stole your credit card to book the trip. They will refuse to give you back any money unless you contact the BBB. If you ever want thing from them just go to the BBB so that you dont have to sit around and wait or contact your credit card company.

  • Ka
      31st of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I am stunned to see such obvious slander online. I have used them many times, they have a lot of excellent rates in the locations I frequent. Destin, Orlando and Cancun. I have called there customer care department and have never witnessed anything other than good service. Always remember there is another side to the story and sometimes the hotel is the one who is causing the problem. Check the feedback out on the hotel you are planning on staying at. If they have good feedback, then you shop for the sales, which in my experience they have beat everyone else.

  • Au
      8th of Aug, 2008
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  • Ni
      20th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Never Ever Deal with Bookit

    They lie about prices and charge you different amount. When you call them they repeatedly state they have told you the new price. They have no idea how it changed after some arguing. Total IDIOTs maybe but I believe it's a SCAM

    If you have extra money go ahead and give them to the scammers

  • Va
      1st of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes - Don't ever book with them
    United States

    I booked a hotel reservation with and agreed to pay a certain amount. Then I get the hotel confirmation and it is a completely different amount!!! I was charged almost double!! This is misleading and fraud. Don't bother booking with them- it'll be more later.

    Then when I called them about it, the customer rep said there computer system apparently allows this change and the customers are screwed paying what the new, HIGHER amount it. They don't care and didn't bother to help me.

    I travel a lot and this is by far the worst!!!

  • Ka
      2nd of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I have to say that I was very surprised to read all these complaints about I have booked 2 trips with to Jamaica and the other to the mayan riviera and the service was excellent! I did research on the hotels before I booked is not the responsibility of to check out the hotel..that is the travellers responsibility. I had no problems upon arrival at either hotel and was extremely satisfied with the customer service. I do not work for as some would be quick to jump to that conclusion...this is only the opinion of someone who has booked travel with this company. I would definately do business with them again...and lest be honest, with the prices they charge don't expect to be handed everything on a silver platter!

  • Nl
      6th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My family of 9 recently returned from a trip to the Atlantis, Paradise Island, booked through this company, from the start booking was a disaster:
    It took 4 weeks to get the dates, rates and confirmations correct and emailed, each contact with the company was with a different staff person with different information and prices, we had no confidence that things would be right and sure enough:
    1. Airline: booked 8 of 9 on one confirmation/reservation. Only 1 person could check in without the others being present, airline advised it should never be done this way.
    2. 4 rooms at the Atlantis: one of the rooms was booked for 2 days longer than the rest of the group;
    3. The Atlantis meal plan booked incorrectly, adults booked as children, wrong # of people booked, wrong amount quoted, wrong amount charged and no mention of gratuities and service fees added to cost;
    4. Advised that use of the fitness center equipment was included in package (FYI: it’s not, its $15. per day)

    We spent more time at the front desk of the hotel correcting errors and waiting for fax confirmations, than at the pool/beach. We went with because we thought we were saving $, we would have been better off booking through the hotel.

  • Li
      22nd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes
    Bookit - Hotel Booking
    United States

    Never use Bookit to book your hotel! We used Bookit to book a hotel on our vacation to Miami. We CHOSE 2 beds. Once we got to hotel we were told that we would be getting 1 bed unless we "upgraded" to a room with 2 beds. Even though we checked 2 beds that is actually just a "preference" and up to the hotel on whether they will give it to you or charge you extra.

    Thinking we could surely get this resolved through Bookit, we called and wasted another half an hour just to be told that yes, it is a "preference". Why they don't tell you that when you are booking is beyond me. How is this legal? Surely I would have never paid for something not knowing if I would have enough beds when I got there. Do not let this happen to you!

  • Jo
      27th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    This company ruined our family vacation to Mexico. We had two rooms booked at the Moon Palace and when we arrived at the airport, our transfers were not paid for, so we paid for that. Then once we get to the resort, they say that they have no reservation for us. So I call Bookit and they say that it must be a mistake, but still the resort refuses to give us our two rooms. So we had to pay for our rooms there, which was very expensive. Now I am fighting with Bookit to get my money back. This company is so unprofessional and has basically taken no responsibility for this mistake. I see that a lot of other people are complaining about this company. Take my advice, book with someone else, it's not worth taking the chance with this company. STAY AWAY FROM BOOK IT
    BOOKIT.COM took our money and now we are fighting to get it back

  • Ch
      7th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    My 1st time using them they also did not book my rent a car, but bookit charged me for it. I was stuck in the airport in Jamaica not knowing what to do b/c I already laid out the money for the car now I had to pay again for a car which tapped into my vacation spending money. I wasn't able to do all the things I plained. 2nd time I used bookit, I know why did I go back I thought maybe it was an honest mistake. Well I booked my Honeymoon with them. OMG what a nightmare it was suppose to be a new 5 star resort. I paid for the best rooms and it had bugs in the bed, it smelt like mold, it even had black mold on the walls they switched my room 3 times. I had to take a down graded room it was the only one that didn't smell or have bugs in bed. They never refunded my money. I was crying on my Honeymoon cause it was so disgusting and who could sleep or feel comfortable in rooms like that. I contacted bookit several times. I called, sent emails and never got a response. They are not worth it.

  • Bo
      4th of May, 2009
    0 Votes is a terrible company and I will never use them again! I only wish I had seen all of the TERRIBLE reviews of the site before I began the fiasco I'm now in with the company!!! We booked a hotel for a weekend away for our anniversary, however a Hurricane decided to come that weekend, so we tried to cancel. They said we could cancel for $19.95 and get the room so long as we re-booked within one year. Well, I called a few weeks ago to use the room, however now they're telling me it's $100 MORE for one night & that two nights are required minimum stay. Also, "Raymond" told me that I should be "THANKFUL" that he canceled our original reservation for us without the $45 fee...RIGHT. THANKFUL that you LIED to your customers. Way to make yourself feel better buddy! Anyway, so I re-booked for the $100 more a night (###, I tell ya) instead of losing the money we already had put down. Upon that reservation I was told that I would be emailed my reservation, I would be credited for the canceled room (minus the $19.95, of course) & re-charged for the new room price. Well, what do you know. A few weeks later & all I got was charged for the new room right away & a promotional email. No confirmation email & no refund. This is a never ending battle & not what traveling should be like. I would HIGHLY recommend using another company. Just because claims to value customer service, does not mean that they do! They all apologize, but do nothing about it!!!

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