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1 Baguio City, United States
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On 3 June 2017 I booked 2 hotel rooms for 2 nights at Casa Vallejo, Baguio City, Philippines. I immediately received an email from stating my credit card was invalid and that my reservation would be cancelled in 24 hours. At the time I was not able to correct the issue so I cancelled my trip to Baguio City. The day before the reservation I discovered that the hotel had charged me for the 2 nights. I was not aware of the second attempt and was not notified of the charge and that my reservations was still being held. I explained that it was that told me they were going to cancel not me. I explained that I could not make the trip since gave me the impression everything was cancelled. I should have read more about booking .com on this site. I too believe it is a scam with the hotels to get peoples hard earned money. I for one I will spread the word to contact hotels directly. Take out the third party. They like to gang up against the customer and fool you with their corporate mumbo-jumbo.

Jun 12, 2017

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