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Bonnie Erickson / Enchanted Acres Farm / Scam and cheating!

1 Waterville, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 315-750-8270 and 315-841-4980

In October 2007 I purchased a weanling colt from Bonnie Erickson at Enchanted Acres Farm in Waterville, NY. His ad had been listed on Horsetopia and I contacted her from there, made an appointment, and went up to see him. He is a fabulous colt, great mover, incredible personality, and very flashy. I met both his sire and dam as they were both on-site. His sire is registered AQHA, and his dam is registered Jockey Club.

I told her that I wanted something I could show with AQHA, and asked if he could be registered. Bonnie told me that she would do that since I sounded like a great home and she’d love to see him shown and made a name for. She told me that she’d get the dam’s paperwork into AQHA for her acceptance, and then send all papers to me so I could register my colt with AQHA. Bonnie sold him to me for $50 less than the asking price so that I could use that money to pay for his registration with AQHA when the dam was approved AQHA and the papers were forwarded to me.

My colt was sold to me with a written and signed contract that he would be registered with AQHA by 11/1/07 or I could return him for a full refund. Bonnie told me verbally and via email that she had his dam’s paperwork sent to AQHA for her acceptance with them the day after the colt was shipped to me. I have at least 5 emails from Bonnie telling me that his dam’s papers were sent in, and that AQHA is backed up, and she’d let me know as soon as she got the papers back so that I could register my colt.

By late November, I was getting antsy and called AQHA myself to see if I could find out the status of the mare’s paperwork. I found out that there was no record of a Bonnie Erickson in Waterville, NY, there was no registry under her maiden name, no stallion report filed under my colt’s stallion’s name, no Thoroughbred mare registered by the dam’s name, and lastly, no pending papers or memberships for either Bonnie or the mare. I called back again on Jan. 4th and Jan. 22nd to check and be sure things hadn’t gotten to AQHA late from her, and was told the same thing – nothing was pending, and nothing was on file.

Bonnie, when asked about these responses, told me that if I wasn’t happy with the time AQHA was taking in getting the dam’s papers back, then I could bring my colt back for a refund. She assured me many times that she had sent in the papers regardless of what AQHA said , and that it was not her fault for AQHA being so behind in processing registrations. I pushed for my colt to be returned and refunded at this point in accordance with our signed contract, and was told in writing that she’d come and get him and sign a payment plan contract because she did not have the money to refund to me for the colt at this time. Quote from Bonnie’s email: “But until the next horse sells, i really don't have the money to pay you for him.”

She was supposed to come and pick the colt up over the weekend, and sign the contract, but never even showed up, did not call to cancel the pick-up, and was unreachable by phone for nearly a week. I called more than 20 times that day of his scheduled pick-up, left messages, and never got a phone call or reply. 5 days later, and after countless emails and phone calls with messages left, Bonnie picked up her phone once when I called from my work phone; a number she did not know was mine.

After this, I changed my course of action and started looking to trade my colt for something older and registered. I had always felt that I wanted something registered for showing purposes, and by this time I was really feeling like it wasn’t going to happen for my colt.

It did not take long for me to find a great fit for myself and for a woman in Kentucky , and I contacted Bonnie again about the registration of my colt so that I could be straightforward about it with the prospective buyer. Bonnie told me that AQHA would not give out any of her personal information or status, and that the papers had been sent in, it’s not her fault it’s taking so long. Quote from Bonnie’s email: “Caitlin, The AQHA is not going to give you any personal information about me, my membership etc. the point is, you knew that he was unregistered when you came to look at him. He was never advertised as being registered. Because you wanted to show aqha, i agreed to send the information in to get him registered. I do not have control over the length of time this will take.”

At this point, Bonnie told me in an email dated Jan. 10th: “And with that being said, per our written contract, if you are not satisfied with how long it is taking, bring him back and i will refund your money. Not a problem, you paid [xxx] for him, bring him back and you will get it back. That is what our contract says, that is the only other solution to this matter.” This was correct. But Bonnie had also already told me in numerous previous emails that she didn’t have the money to pay me for his refund. Above quote again from Bonnie’s email to me dated Nov. 28th: “until the next horse sells, i really don't have the money to pay you for him.”

Because both portions of the contract had been nullified since Bonnie had not even taken the steps needed towards registering the colt, nor could she pay his refund in-full upon his return, I started looking into small claims actions. I started that process by sending Bonnie a Certified Mail letter, letting her know that she had until the 12th of January, 15 days from sending the letter, to send me proof that the dam’s paperwork had been sent in for registration into AQHA as she had stated to me on numerous occasions, or, in the alternative, all of the attached AQHA paperwork (that I had compiled to make it as easy as possible for her), filled out and ready for me to send in, with the check for the total fees needed to get his dam registered. I told Bonnie that if this was not completed and returned to me, or if she did not send proof that the paperwork has indeed been sent to AQHA, I would pursue with legal action.

During the waiting period, Bonnie emailed me and asked if I want to trade my colt for another of her horses. I told her that we needed to resolve the issues with my colt’s registration before talking about other horses, and she told me that she wouldn’t be sending me any filled out paperwork because the only people getting her personal information was AQHA. Quote from Bonnie’s email: “Hi Caitlin, yes, i did send in the paperwork, it is not my fault that AQHA has not sent anything back yet. So, with that being said, i guess you will not get anything else back from me by January 12, because i am not sending any of my personal information etc to anyone other than AQHA. As soon as i get the paperwork back from them, you will get it. If the paperwork is pending, they obviously are not going to have it on file right now.”

At this point, I had found a wonderful home and trade for my colt, and proceeded with this arrangement. My colt was sold and hauled to Kentucky late January, 2 days after my final call to AQHA, who gave me the same status report – nothing filed or pending on Bonnie or dam. I traded for a mare that was brought to me in NY. My colt’s new owner was told up-front of the entire situation, and we both saw the same things: he is a diamond in the rough and extremely nice, and she did not need him registered AQHA if he couldn’t be, but she would continue to try.

I gave my colt’s new owner his registration with AAHA (American Appendix Horse Association) which I had completed myself and did not need sire or dam’s registration numbers. I also provided the new owner with all of Bonnie’s contact information. His new owner happens to work with an organization in Kentucky that enables her to look up the status of JC and AQHA reports , and again, nothing on the dam or Bonnie.

My colt’s new owner contacted Bonnie via telephone, and did not get return phone calls. She then sent an email to Bonnie telling her that she needed the paperwork to complete the colt’s registration with AQHA, and was told: “Caitlin wanted all this done, i said i would , but not at Christmas time, with 5 kids! Anyhow, as soon as i get the extra to get her papers from the JC, i will send you the information.” and “Just wanted to make sure you knew that as soon as i have the money for all the paperwork that needs to be done, it will be done.” and finally: “I know it should not be that hard, but why do you think i sold a colt that nice for so little money???, because we don't have the money. I have 5 kids, and i was hurt very badly this summer, i have had [major surgery done], with no insurance.

Needless to say, she did tell the new owner of my colt that she had not sent in any of the paperwork needed to register him, nor did she even have the paperwork to send in on the JC registered dam in her possession. Quote to new owner from Bonnie’s email: “I did contact the last owner of the mare, and they gave me permission to get her papers reissued to me. If you can do anything about the fee that is fine. Caitlin tells me you are prepared to get all the paperwork done yourself, that is great, but you do not have my permission to acquire my mares papers on your own. I will contact her last owner, and i will also contact the jockey club myself. If you want to pay the fees yourself, you can write a check out to the Jockey cub and i will forward the necessary papers from her previous owner.”

I have each and every email between Bonnie and I, and Bonnie and the new owner of the colt. I have saved them for reference and as proof to back up this complaint. I have the recorded calls with AQHA to support my complaint here against Bonnie Erickson of Enchanted Acres Farm. Fortunately, the colt I purchased from this farm was a diamond in the rough, and I am very glad I purchased him when I did and was able to have him go somewhere with someone that will give him the life he deserves. My complaint is not with the colt himself, but with the obvious untruths and inability to uphold a legal contract that was exhibited by Bonnie Erickson. If you are considering purchasing a horse from Bonnie Erickson in Waterville, NY, please consider this complaint and the facts I’ve presented before pursuing the purchase of any animal from her!

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  • Ma
      25th of Aug, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Bonnie in agreement was to sell a horse for me. She then disappeared from sight. After two years of looking for her and my horse. I found out that she sold the horse and threatened me that she would sue me if I didn't stop lying about her and my horse. She claims I owe her over $1000 for back board. She is the one that owes me money.She knows that she sold him with out letting me know. I still am hanging on to his paper.

  • Ca
      4th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Bonnie is currently running and operating out of:

    Coach Stop Farms
    3375 Hughes Road
    Morrisville, NY 13408

    I would highly recommend NOT purchasing ANYTHING with "pending" registration status as it likely is false based on above complaints, and boarding may also lead to troubles. Please, watch out for ANY dealings with this woman! I have been contacted by 5...FIVE!!! people with serious problems that Bonnie has inflicted upon them over the years with their horses, though many were uncomfortable posting their stories online.

  • Lo
      13th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I do not know either of the people involved in this complaint, but i would like to share some information. There are two sides to every story, and before one makes any judgement based on something read on the internet, one should check both sides out. Take a look at Horsetopia web forum ( you have to be a member and log on to see the posts in question under buying and selling a horse), Caitlin422 posts about her horse and the colt. She is currently selling the horse and has lied in print about things concerning her mare ( ie purchase price etc) and was caught lying by several forum members. She then tried to change her story. I am not saying she is a bad person, but both sides of every story should be looked at before passing judgement on anyone.

  • Ca
      13th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Of course this person would say that...that comment above, is by Bonnie herself. And, my mare has been sold, registered, branded, passed vet check 110% flawlessly, papered and on her way without a hitch. That's more than I could ever say I was given from her! Like Bonnie said above: READ EVERY STORY (and when you see her profile that says location:Waterville, NY, you know it's her)

    PS- I have references both about the colt Bonnie sold me to attest to my story and about the mare I sold to attest to her sale :) My name is clear.

  • Be
      14th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Lots of Ponies -

    Obviously you've never dealt with Bonnie Erickson. She is not honest and deserves to be in jail. We are in the process of doing this.

    Keep abreast at

  • Pe
      9th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is absolutly ridiculous! You people need to find something better to do with your time! GROW UP

  • Ju
      13th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just recently bought a horse from Bonnie Erickson. I was not aware of these issues. After i purchased my horse, who is everything that Bonnie said he was, i sent my horse to Bonnie to sell. She told me he was sent out on trial shortly after he arrived at her farm. Then i found this information. Of course i was panicked. I contacted the people that have the website, and also the person with the supposedly stolen horse. The person with the horse sent me information she had received from person. HIs name is John Bosworth. She did not elaborate on her issues, but the emails from MrBosworth to her were very interesting. Mr Bosworth really had me fearing for my horse, so i did not tell Bonnie that i knew about this information. I went to the barn, my horse was not there, he was on trial as she said. While i was there, Bonnie got a phone call, it was from the people who had my horse, they were coming the next day to pay. She told me that as soon as she got the money, she would let me know. She called the next day, i went over, she paid me, not one single problem. And the horse that i got from her is wonderful, just as she said he was. I would reccomend to anyone to buy a horse from her. She was nothing but truthful about the whole deal that we had. After i was paid, i apologized to Bonnie, and told her all that i had found out. I feel really bad that i believed only internet gossip, and did not have the guts to just ask her side of the story.
    Bonnie told me all about what has been going on, and showed me many things that Mr Bosworth, aka, has said, done, emailed etc. She also showed me some very nice emails where the person with the supposedly stolen horse even threatened her children. She also showed me the ad that for the colt that was discussed here, and the horse was never advertised as registered. I also so pictures of this colt, pretty darn fancy colt to be a registered quarter horse for $950.00!!!Nice enough mover to do the rated shows!!!
    So, as i see it, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there are two sides to every story, and i have learned my lesson. I would buy another horse from Bonnie any time. She has only been truthful and honest in her dealing with me. If anyone would like to contact me, i would be more than willing to share anything about our transactions.

  • Wa
      23rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had bought 2 horses from Bonnie about 7 years ago. I was pleased with them and she was always willing to help me out. Well when it was time to go off to college I asked her to help me sell them cause I really didnt know anyone that would want to buy them. She agreed to help. This was when she was living in North Brookfield on Rt. 12. I took my horses to her place brought hay and grian for them. Well she sold one for me right off the bat, called me told me she would send me the check she wanted to make sure it cleared first. About a few days later she took my horse to a horse auction called me right there said she had a guy that wanted to buy him he was going to write her a check. She told me she would cash it take out her share for sellin and trucking the horse and give me the rest...well guess what people I never got my money!!! I called Bonnie over and over never answered my phone calls only if I called from a strange number. Or if I saw her in town I would go up and ask what was going on and if she had my money yet. It was always something different, she told me once that she had to use my money to get her daughter's bf out of jail!!?? So than I finally had to file a judgement aganist her. It took almost 2 years to get my money I thought I would never see it! Well it turned out I was very lucky. Would I buy a horse from Bonnie Again...Hell No! I am sorry to all the people that she owes money too. The only way yo get it is to file a judgement against her so good luck and have patiences.

  • Ma
      7th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you mean me with the supposely stolen horse. I NEVER threaten her or her kids. Now that I know that she is pull this crap. She threatened me. She also made me out to seem like I was stupid. I can send you the nice email that she sent me. I thought she was friend. She just stabbed me in the back.

  • Ir
      14th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Is Bonnie still @ Coach Stop Farms? She owes me money and is not returning phone calls or emails...

  • An
      9th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Bonnie was evicted from Coach Stop. She's screwed over a ton of people, myself included. I personally would never deal with her again. She comes off as the sweetest, nicest person...she'll treat you like family. Then she will take you for all your worth before you know what's going on

  • Do
      2nd of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Bonnie sold Like Her Don't Cha for me in a deal for two haflingers. She has yet to pay me the money she owes me.
    Check out if you do not believe the people above. This woman needs to be reported to the authorities as to her whereabouts. We are looking for her at the above website any info is appreciated. Thank you

  • Be
      7th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    3 separate individuals for 3 different reasons just took Bonnie and Neil to small claims court in Java, NY. All 3 won their cases against Bonnie and Neil. 2 cases were heard on 8/19/09, the 3rd on 9/2/09.

    Justine - All I did was try to be supportive and help you, I did not say anything other than make sure you protect yourself and when your deal worked out I was glad for you. You are one of the lucky ones.

    Justine Baker wrote 03/05/2009:

    > I have been reading the information that i have just found on Bonnie Erickson and i am a bit concerned. I bought a horse from her a couple of weeks ago, and she has my other horse there on commission.She has told me he is out on trial. I do not want to say anything to her that might risk my horse.She is currently at 3375 Hughes Road Morrisville, your website said you are interested in her whereabouts. Is there an ongoing issue, or is this just from previous customers?? Do you think i need to worry about my horse? Thank you for your time. Justine
    Hi Justine -

    It is an ongoing problem. Make sure you have all your documents & cashed checks, receipts, everything. Do not trust her one bit. I just heard that they've been evicted from the farm in Morrisville. I would get your horse out of there.

    Do you have any agreement about the horse she is selling for you? In writing? More than 1 person has come to collect their horse & Bonnie presents them with a huge, outlandish board bill and says they can not take the horse until it's paid. Make sure if you go there, show up w/ your ownership papers, bill of sale, what ever & when she doesn't give him to you and/or presents you with an outrageous bill, stay right there and call the police. The police know them.

    Seriously - watch yourself with these "people". they come off being very nice & would do the world for you.

    I can not say more now - please do me a favor and don't mention this to them, I'm taking them to court very soon.

    And after everything worked out for Justine:

    Justine Baker wrote:
    > Actually everything worked out fine. She did sell the horse for me, i got paid my part of it, she made her part, i am totally happy with the horse i bought from her. She did everything she said she was going to do. I am going to tell several other people I know to see her if they are interested in buying a horse.
    > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > *From:* Beware Bonnie
    > *To:* Justine Baker
    > *Sent:* Tuesday, March 10, 2009 6:09:20 PM
    > *Subject:* Re: information
    > Justine Baker wrote:
    >> Hi, i will be going over today. I will not say anything to her about the website. i just want to find out about my horse. If he is not on trial, he will be coming home.Jusine
    >> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    >> *From:* Beware Bonnie
    >> *To:* Justine Baker
    >> *Sent:* Friday, March 6, 2009 6:57:59 AM
    >> *Subject:* Re: information
    >> Good morning.. Nice and easy is the way to go. You need to be firm and confident with what ever you do.. She will look you in the eye and say what ever she needs to. One more thing - she needs money desperately right now.
    > Hi Justine -
    > Did everything work out or you?
    Good for you, I'm glad everything worked out for you.

  • Co
      8th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am worried, I sent a lovely mare there last fall for her to use for breeding and now can't get in touch with her. She is not to sell this mare and I smartly retained origional papers. she was for her breeding use only. I have been trying to track her down and find out about the mare. I want her back or at least to know she is safe. If anyone knows how I can find out about this let me know. Deb

  • Ca
      18th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Go to and even email them for current location and phone numbers. They know how to reach them as there's been a lot of court hearings lately. If you can't get in-touch with them, I'd be worried too. They've likely moved to another location since last fall, and have given all of us the same runaround excuses after we finally do get ahold of them. "Family crisis, no money, very expensive face restructuring surgery..." Like I said, check out and email that site!

    I wish you the best of luck with your mare!

  • Th
      9th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Sounds like this person has been at a lot of farms in the past few years. If someone can't stay someplace long, that usually means they don't pay their bills. I think Justine just had dumb luck on her side, she caught Bonnie off guard and she couldn't get away with anything. Congrats to the owners of Coach Stop Farms for making the horse world a little safer, until she finds another farm.

  • Dr
      20th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I am also looking for Bonnie and Neil Erickson. They live somewhere near Loretto Ky, or Willisburg KY, or Springfield Ky. Not sure which, as the story keeps changing. They adopted a horse from Canada that the previous owner was adopting. It was supposed to be on my farm for 1 night. Now, 50 plus days later, the horse is still here and everyday there is an excuse why they can not come get the horse. I have been told by the sheriff in Willisburg that Neil works in a saw meal and that they are no longer in Willisburg. Bonnie JUST gave me a Willisburg address???????
    Dr. Poole

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