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Im making this complaint because people should be aware of this business!And the owner is aware of what happens in her business.She has a worker that has been employed for 13 years and works in the bathing area.When she is tired, and not in a good mood she will abuse dogs and cats.I use to work there in the bathing dept.Anyone who complains about her will get fired.I have seen her hit dogs in the chest, and face with nail clippers.I seen her strangle a dog until it poops on the table.I have also walked in on her with her own cat mad at it for peeing in her house and beat its poor little body up against the inside of the demco.It got away frome her and ran to a hole in the bathroom wall and they had to call the fire help free the little cat.Sad but this is a FACT.I have a scar on my finger that can prove she is violent.The scar came from her hitting me in the hand instead of the dog, "with nail clippers"

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      30th of Apr, 2009

    Animal abuse is prevalent in the dog grooming industry. I went to a grooming school in Central SC and the woman who owns it is very abusive to animals. On April 1, 2009 she abused a little sheltie named Ty so bad that it shook and whimpered the rest of the day from what she did to it. Because the dog was already shaking from nerves it slipped out of the grooming loop. This woman grabbed the dog off the grooming table and body slammed it to the floor hard. The dog was making what I can only describe as screaming. It was yelping and whimpering because she was twisting the skin and fur as hard as she could while she was shaking and slapping the dog. She then put a choke chain on it and drug it through the shop yelling "you will submit" at it. She then body slammed the dog again before throwing it into the bath tub. The poor thing would not lift his head to look up at all.
    Her assistant also hits and slaps the dogs. The last afternoon I was there her assistant was hitting and punching a dog because it defecated on the grooming table. Even though people know she is like this they still take their animals to her to be groomed. Go figure. I even called the owner of the sheltie and told her what happened to her dog.

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      10th of Jun, 2013

    why do people only complain here but they do not call the police and boards that oversee the grooming industry? It makes me sick and angry that they witnessed this but only write about it? If they did anything further, I think it would've been mentioned... wow It is good that the owner of the sheltie was called however

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