Bond Leather Sofa Set / Dishonest and rude business owner does not want to exchange/compensate wrong color sofa

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Dear sir/madam,

On 24/04/2010, I had purchased a sofa set and had visited the showroom many times to admire the product as the color chosen was the same and delivery wasn't due till several months later.

10 days before the due date, my wife and I visited the showroom again to reconfirm the color and were contemplating whether to take a darker color but finally settled for the lighter original showroom color as our condo gets little sunlight.

The day finally arrived on November 2010 when the set was delivered but it wasn't the color that my wife and I had chosen. I proceeded to call Jasmine( owner of the shop and the one who served us) to make a complaint, but she denied everything and accuse us of not checking the color code(which is in fact; internal matters, all I know is that we had chosen the showroom color).

I showed her the photo I had taken in the showroom and the photo taken of the set delivered and it is so obvious that it was a different color but she states that it is color variation.

She finally ask me to come by and I did about 10 days later, two of her staff was there( one male, one female), the male personnel was very sarcastic and rude and even lie to the point that he had been working there for a year and it is in fact the same color that we had received.

It is a good thing that i have photo proofs and the difference is obvious under whatever lighting conditions as claimed by them.

I am very disappointed as they have ruined our joyous occasion of shifting to a new home after 4 years of not having one. That is the sum of which they can never compensate.

I thank you for your time and I hope stern action will be taken against such dishonest businessman, one who will not admit their mistakes for the sake of margins and profits.

Warm regards,

Kenneth Siew Mern
Tel : +[protected]

Bond Leather Sofa Set
Bond Leather Sofa Set

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  • Ke
      Nov 21, 2010

    It was rather unfortunate that I wasn't there at the time the sofa arrived, instead my wife was there and she had a lot on her hands that she overlooked it.

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  • Jo
      Nov 21, 2010

    First of all Jasmine is not from his country and she has no right to rip off a true american go put that paki in her place

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  • Jo
      May 07, 2011

    huh! no wonder. Think that was not their 1st time. Too bad i just noted ur complaint here. i experienced it as well last few weeks :( yeah, indeed. i experienced bad service, rude 'lady boss' (not sure she is boss or not), lousy salesman. Me & my friend requested to change the order to other stuff cause after considered, not so suit my new place. BUT, the salesman & lady insist us to take the previous ordered. When the order made, on the next day itself, i had called requested to change, they agreed. BUT, when we went there, was the other way around. We insist to change, they mentioned they could have not refund for the deposit made (RM500)! Totally disappointed !

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