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This is a company that connects you with hosts in different cities who offer home cooked dinners. Usually chefs. Problems are common with companies who just connect you with other people. (Uber, airbnb, etc.) and people cannot be controlled. But the company has to better on protecting the rights of consumers. I signed up and the first experience was ok. Then I started getting declined for dinners for no apparent reason. Then I realized that a lot of my friends who signed up also started getting declined, our common trait? We are not white. Even in countries outside the US hosts tend to like white people better (I have a high paying job, though my ethnicity may make them uncomfortable? ) payment for dinner is managed through the website, so maybe financial bias is not that much of a problem as getting "nice white folks" over to your mexican place. Maybe hosts are looking for something else? Connections? More money? Psychopaths come in all colors and sizes, so I hope their racial bias doesn't cost them a lot more than doing your dirty dishes.

Nov 25, 2016

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