bohemiapets / sick pups

we bought a pup from this so called breeder this year, ., , buyers please beware!! the pup was nice looking and she informed us that he was healthy, happy ect.. we were not able to see parents, , nice excuse she had... but we loved the look of puppy and went ahead and bought him.. he was so sick a few days later and when we called to ask her for help we were told it is our problem!! no help or refund!! she blamed us and now we have lost our bbay boy not to mention the money involved!!! she was nasty to us and blamed us for the pupp's death!!! Her so called contact ment nothing, ., , please people see the where the pups are born and ask to see parents.. this lady is unfit to be selling pups.. she is not stable and has serious anger issues.. Try talking to this person.. ask to see parents.. ask may and all questions that can be asked ... google the so called breeder... please just take your time when looking to add a new pup to your family.. so may hearts broken...look into the eyes of these moms and dads of these pups... so much can be seen from there eyes!! we pray for all the puppies and dogs that are in her care!!!

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