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I was charged shipping and handling only for what I offered to test as a, "trial product" that would eventually be in stores. I rarely give out my credit card number for any order over the telephone, but the shipping and handling fee was only a couple of dollars, so I figured, "Why not?"... Well, here's why... I received an additional shipment with a month's supplies of pills in the bottle. I opened the outer package, but not the bottles themselves. The envelope is still in tact.

I called the company and told them that I wasn't interested in their product anymore and I was sending it back. The woman on the phone told me to save eight shipments of the product, then to send to the address I mentioned above. Then, I was to ship them all back and get a refund on my credit card. Well, I called my credit card company to see what the balance was on my credit card, and of course I got to see the free ride they had taken me for. There were several charges in different locations and my credit card had been maxed out.

I immediately canceled my credit card and told my card company about what had happened to me. They said that they would dispute the charges today and see what they could do. I am so hoping that all will be taken care of.

I am so tempted to see if the ingredients listed on the label are actually in each capsule. I wouldn't be surprised to find that each capsule was a, "sugar pill." If I had the time or money left over, I'd take it to a lab and have it tested!

I feel so foolish and taken. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and notifying the attorney general. Who knows how many different companies this website actually houses.

I am warning everyone to beware. If it's just the shipping and handling they're asking for on anything..It's a lot more than that in the end!

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  • Pa
      10th of May, 2010

    Someone used my credit card to pay for an account with rapidshare through paypal.?
    rapidshare have said that if i can get the email address used to pay from paypal then i can let them know and they can suspend the account and reimburse me my money,

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  • Lo
      25th of May, 2010

    I too was taken by these scam artists!! I wish I had looked this up before I fell for it. I am trying to retrieve my $159.98 that was charged to my account for pills I never ordered. I even stipulated to the woman on the phone several times "No other charges other than $1.98 for the shipping would appear on my bill". The woman assured me! After finding the charge of $159.98 on my statement, I called the company and was furious with them because I did not authorize this charge. The woman then told me that I had to send back the pills and they would credit my account. All I had at the time was the trial offer. I went to the post office and returned them that day.

    A few days later I received an order of pills...that I did not order. At this time I called the company again and the man I spoke with said I had to send back the pills. I told him that I did send them back already. This is the second set of pills I received and hadn't ordered. He asked me if I sent back the trial pills. I told him I did.
    He said you didn't have to send those back, and I assured him that the woman I spoke with said I had to send those back in order to receive my $159.98 credit.

    I then returned to the post office and sent the next shipment of pills.

    In between the two last shipments, I went to my bank to dispute the charges. They said they are working on getting my money back. From what I have read since...lots of luck!

    Last week I received a call from an unknow source inquiring about the pills I received from Body Lean.
    I asked if he was from the bank. He said no. I figured he was from the company. I told him what the woman said, and how she assured me that no other charges would be credited to my account! He said well you know they have a tape of your conversation. I told him good and I sure hope they would play it back, because she assured me several times that there wouldn't be any charges credited to my account other than the $1.98. I tried to ask him something else but was mysteriously disconnected. In the meantime I am waiting for an answer from the bank. I know, lots of luck!!!
    I had sent back the trial order. I told him I had. That was what the lady had instructed me to do. He said that I didn't have to send back the trial offer.

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  • Ge
      26th of May, 2010

    I had my own experience with this company, and let me tell you it is unbelievable what these people are capable of! Now I am having to send back pills in padded envelopes after I called my credit card company and canceled my account.

    The girl I spoke with on the phone said that I had to wait for four more shipments of the pills, and then mail them back with the two codes they gave me. I will help ANYONE out there who has been through this scam to try and get their money back. The codes were: JB 491847 and JB91848. These were to be shipped to :

    Body Lean/ Body Lean Slim/ USB Nutrition
    P.O. Box 910669
    St. George, Utah

    I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's Office. I advise ANYONE who has been scammed by these con artists to cancel their credit card account IMMEDIATELY. I was very fortunate to have had a father who was an attorney, and I can honestly say he'd be proud of his daughter if he saw her in action today.

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  • Ka
      28th of Jun, 2010

    dear sir
    my name is katherine m andrews I went the usb nutriton bodylean slim I sent your pill back . please put
    my money in my bank card please . I have a overdrawn
    in bank. I meet you to put it back please it was two 69.99
    please put it in my bank card soon . thank you

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