Body Solutions Of Tampa, LLC.FRAUD

Advertised rep[eatedly in The FLYER -mailer, ...FREE MICRODERMABRASION!!! Made an appt., for what was stated. ..WAs told, 'YES!!!COME IN!!!" Went to my appt., told NO this is just the consultation!!! -Next time! -? I droe a long way, and hadn't planned on a next time.Delia, my 'consultant"in a Lab coat...noticed a tiny tattoo which I kep=t covered with makeup, on my wrist.She began telling me how easily that it could be removed with a laser.I said no thanks, can't afford it, etc. She pleaded, brought in a friend and they kept lowering the price pleading with me to do it. I agreed just to get out the small room with them in front of the closed door!!!I made the required 100.00 dep., made an appt.for a week away.They kept postponing it.Then called repeatedly for 3mos.!!! They didn't even HAVE A LASER!!!They were still waiting for it to come in.I asked for a refund.They said it was nonrefundable, and were planning to sue me for the balance, because I was late on the other payments!!! Called the B.B.B., and F.T.C. & have filed com0plaints, still waiting for my refund.

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