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Me and six year-old son decided to have a dinner after a school recital to the Boca Ale House. We were seated after 30 minutes after being told that the wait time is 20 minutes. My son and I sat and was greeted by a young server after 10 minutes or so. I ordered immediately: Hot dog and onion rings, fruit smoothie for my son. A hot tea and water, onion soup and buffo lo shrimps for me.

The fruit smoothie and onion soup arrived on our table after 15 minutes or so, plus my iced water. We waited... and waited... after 45 minutes ( and after trying to get a server's attention --- who were ALL obviously trying to avoid making any sort of eye contact), I asked for the manager. The manager came with the rest of the order. After informing her my concerns, she replied: "I wish I'd known... I have hundreds of tickets in the kitchen... how could I possibly know?" Also, the server's story was that I asked for the soup first. So she was waiting for me to let her know that I am was done. My half-eaten soup was sitting on the side of the table yelling "done!" for over 35 minutes. Not ones until I asked for the manager that ANYONE asked if I needed anything. Or perhaps try to look my way to see that indeed, I was trying to get someone's attention.

I am truly disappointed. This incident happened yesterday, January 25, 2006 at approximately 8:45 PM.

I cannot believe that manager would even try to say that "the kitchen is so busy" line in a form of "there's about a hundred of tickets in the back" to wiggle out of this issue. The thing is. I don't care if they have a million tickets in the kitchen. As a guest, that's NOT my concern. We came in to be served. Just like the rest of the people in the restaurant. It's NOT my problem that she has hundreds of tickets.

The server did not all-together failed to serve. The Manager failed to manage and train her staff. SHE FAILED.

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      Jul 29, 2009

    I had a similar experience in the Coral Springs FL Ale House. They sat my party late, took a while to serve us, etc. etc.

    On top of that, The manager skipped one of the songs that I paid for on the Juke Box, and while this isn't a big deal in itself, the manager MADE it into a big deal when I came to ask him if he had indeed done it. I was made to feel embarrassed beacause god forbid I should even ask if the management had skipped one of the songs I paid forto be played, and on top of that he allowed our waitress to come and complain in front of anyone, making a scene, that we had not given her enough of a tip.

    Considering the service we received that night, she was lucky to have gotten ANY tip. I will never go to an Ale House, ANYWHERE< EVER again.

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