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1 San Clemente, CA, United States

I hired Bobby Friedman tile installer and a former Champion tandem surfer, to do some tile work on my pool in 2014. One day while working he came to me and said that he needed to borrow $2000 immediately. Bobby Friedman said that he needed the funds to register his truck. That he was in desperate need and asked for my help. He gave me his word that he would pay me back immediately, within a couple weeks, that he had the money coming in, only that was delayed. He gave me his word and based upon that promise, I loaned him 2k. Stupid me. When I see him all over the news or the Internet everybody talking about what a great guy he is I can't help but think about how horribly he cheated me. There have been times since then that I have been so desperate for the money that I have pleaded and begged him to do anything, give me anything towards what he owes me.

He just ignores my financial problems and my personal need to be repaid. Don't trust him, he is not a man who honnors his promises.
And whatever you do don't loan him any money you will never see it again.

The pool tile he installed has problems and he is nowhere to be found and neither is my $2000. He goes on with his life, plays racquetball at a local place in Laguna Niguel and could care less about the money he owes my family.

Please let me know if any of you see Bobby Friedman because it would really help my family to get our money back.


Aug 01, 2016

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