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Bob Cox-cox German Shepherds-cox K9's, Vom Shepherdhaus / Bob Cox Disrespects a Sgt. in the U.S. Marine while Overseas!

1 United States Review updated:

Ladies and gentlemen my name is Sgt Axxxx Pxxxx, I am a 7 years veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I happen to have inside information concerning this problem. I purchased a male German Shepard from Ms. Roberts about a year and a half ago. And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that he is by far the greatest quality of animal it has ever been my privilage to own. Ms. Roberts has always bred the dogs she has owned and she has been highly regarded by everyone that has purchased a dog from her.

Mr. Cox on the other hand has had several complaints prior to this. The problem with Mr. Cox is that he has inferior dogs with hernias and finds unsuspecting people who want to breed with his dogs. Ms. Roberts lost approximately $5000 dollars due to the low quality of his dogs. And it took Mr. Cox 4 months to finally sign the AKC papers, only to cover his trail and not anger the AKC. Mr. Cox is a coward and a thief. I have had two tours in Iraq and never have I seen such an evil man. For your own safety please stay away from Mr. Cox and allow the proper authorities to deal with him. Ms. Roberts will be in my prayers and the good lord will take care of the rest. Thank you for your time and Semper Fi.

Allen - Camp Schwab, Okinowa Japan, Asia

Here is Mr. Cox's reply to the Sgt in the United States Marine Corps...

Sgt Axxxx Pxxxx Mr.Marine

I am so happy you got a gsd from Kathy Roberts.
It is great that you are happy with it.
The problem is that your inside information is
just B.S. that you were told by this woman with serious mental problems.

By the way a COWARD is someone who does not have enough BALLS to say it in person and has to say it from many many miles away. You must be one bad ### soldier. HA HA. You think you know a lot about her and her business,and you only bought a dog from her ,yea right!

I have never sold a dog with a hernia,unlike Kathy Roberts!!!

Everything I said has been proven in court. And Kathys B.S.???????

She just sold 5 pups with hernias!!!!!


Bob - Nashville, Illinois

This is my response to Bob Cox's reply (see above)

To whom it may concern:

Mr. Cox is a disgrace to the human race. We have a Sgt in the Marine Corps who has responded to this report, and now Mr. Cox feels the need to verbally bash this Marine. This Sgt has served our country and has fought not once but TWICE in Iraq, while protecting "our" freedom. This brave Marine is serving his country, protecting and risking his life for all of us, so we can enjoy our freedom, this includes Mr. Cox, and this is the thanks he gets?!

I find Mr. Cox's personal attack on this U.S. Marine disgraceful and disgusting. Mr. Cox is a vulgar, disgusting being PERIOD!

To our service men and women there is not enough thanks for what you all are doing for us. God Bless you all, and keep you safe.


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  • K
      11th of Dec, 2006

    This is to Bob Cox BEFORE you go bashing our military copy and paste into your browser and see what our service men and women have done for you. Shame, shame on you, YOU ARE DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Be
      25th of Jan, 2010

    Mr. Cox is right about one thing. If you are going to claim first hand knowlage and bash someone else and call them a coward you should have enough courage to us your name. It is highly likely that there is no marine and it is Kathy trying to cover her tracks

    +1 Votes
  • Bi
      15th of Feb, 2010

    Just browsing through, this Bob Cox apparently has scammed a "Chris" as I seen "Chris" posted a complaint on ROR and on this complaint site about a German Shepherd she/he bought from Bob Cox of Vom Shepherdhaus, the dog's name that Chris bought from Cox was "Luna vom Shepherdhaus."

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  • Li
      24th of Apr, 2013

    Kathy Roberts is an unstable woman. Mentally ill is putting it in better terms, straight LUNATIC with MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDERS, PARANORMA TYPE BEHAVIOUR, she claims to not "raise" aggressive dogs, she don't raise the dogs period!! She purchases them from people whom have already did all the blood, sweat, and tears "hardwork" Ben Vom Bonihaus, her most current male stud dog, was sold to her for under $5, 000.00, yet she claims that she paid well over 10, 000 for Rhonda and ask her, she will tell you. Another reason she was able to purchase a 4 year old VV2 so cheap, is because he was overbred by the previous owner, Rhonda, and well, quite honestly Ben was/is shooting blanks, just like Bo, her previous male dog did. Kathy claims to have 'Germany's most sought after GSD's.. Kathy heads up.. Germany HARDLY EVER SENDS ITS WORLD'S FINEST GSD'S OVER TO AMERICA!!! AND THEY CERTAINLY ARE NOT SENDING THEM TO YOU!!! EVEN AS IMPORTS WITH PINK PAPERS, THAT IS NOT GERMANY'S FINEST GETTING SHIPPED OVER HERE, THEY KEEP THEIR FINEST RIGHT THERE, IN GERMANY!!! Kathy Roberts is a scam artist in EVERY since of the word.. she sells inferior pups to people looking for a "cheap" West German, her pups have NO uniformity to them, the can have the SAME SIRE & DAM, and come out looking nothing like each other!!! This woman just buys titled dogs and breeds them, with no inner knowledge of TRUE uniformity among litters. Chaos does not even have a title, just a plain dog from W. Germany... AND BY THE WAY KATHY, STOP RIDING GOMER'S CELEBRITY STATUS FOR "STATUS QUO" FOR OUR WEBSITE.. HE IS AFTER ALL COMMITTING A GHASTLY SIN, BEING GAY AND ALL. Just once Kathy, keep some of the pups you breed, and put in TRUE blood, sweat, and tears, do obedience training, do Schutzhund, show your dog, make it truly be for the "betterment" of the GSD breed, them come talk to me, a REAL BREEDER who puts in every ounce of energy, time and money I have into MY DOGS!!! Kathy you are right, you do get what you pay for with you.. as GOMER would say, "SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISED!!! KATHY ROBERTS YOU ARE A BACKARD BREEDER!! GET MORE THAN 3 FEMALES KATHY.. WHAT YOU WON'T?? WHY?? CAUSE THEN YOU HAVE TO REGISTER WITH THE STATE OF MISSOURI AS A SMALL HOBBY BREEDER.. AND BE SCRUTINIZED UNDER THE EYES OF THE USDA(UNITED STATES DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE) LEAVE THE GSD'S TO BREEDERS THAT TAKE THE TIME THAT VALIDATES OUR PRICES FOR W. GERMAN SHOW DOGS!!! BUYER BEWARE, THAT MARINE UP THERE IS NONE OTHER THAN KATHY ROBERTS SON THAT IS/WAS A MARINE AND IS NOW RESIDING IN VIRGINIA. DONT BE FOOLED, SHE PLAYS THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE WITH HERSELF. KATHY ROBERTS IS HER OWN WORST ENEMY!!! AS KATHY HAS IN HER WEBSITE, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, AND YOU WILL, YOU WILL MOST CERTAINLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR WITH KATHY ROBERTS AND HER GSD'S. GO TO A REAL BREEDER, ONE WHO NOT ONLY SHOWS, BUT RAISES THEIR OWN, SURE YOU WILL PAY A LITTLE MORE, BUT TRUST ME, IT IS WELL WORTH THE PEACE OF MIND THAT COMES WITH A BREEDER THAT HAS ENOUGH CONFIDENCE IN HIS/HER LITTERS TO KEEP A PUP OR TWO OR THREE AND RAISE IT, SHOW IT.. THIS KIND OF BREEDER IS A TRUE BREEDER, NOT SOMEONE WHO BUYS A DOG AND EVERY SIX MONTHS HAS THEM "TIE THE KNOT" WITH EACH OF HER FEMALES.. THATS ANOTHER THING, YOU BASH BREEDERS KATHY THAT HAVE MULTITIDES OF LITTERS, YOUR OWN WORDS ON YOUR WEBSITE USED TO BE MULTIPLE, GUESS YOU HAD TO CHANGE THAT, SEEING HOW YOU BREED ALL THREE ###, BELLA, ULTA, AND COCO.. AND ULTA DIDN'T TAKE.. YOU STATE, " I ONLY HAVE ONE LITTER AT A TIME, SO I CAN FOCUS SOLELY ON THAT LITTER." THATS THE BIGGEST LINE OF B.S I HAVE EVER HEARD.. YOUR ACTIONS KATHY SPOKE VOLUME!! YOUR ACTIONS KATHY ARE LOUDER THAN ANY WORD YOU SAY OR TYPE TO THE SIMPLE MINDED PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE THOSE LIES!!!

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  • 36
      13th of Jan, 2018

    @LIVE EAT BREATH GSD'S Why are you hiding like a coward Kristy Dale of Liberty, MO? By all means post your name. OVER 5 years ago Kristy's mother, Margaret Holcombe sent me a deposit for a puppy, when I refunded her deposit because of multiple reasons.. this is how a "normal" person responds! Kristy attacks my dogs, my customers in this outlandish post! Yet..she raises blue, liver German Shepherds, that is why I refunded her mother's deposit over 5 years ago. Kristy, If you invested the time you wasted trying to bash me, your kennel would be successful.

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  • Ma
      22nd of Sep, 2017

    It is 2017 and I am wondering if there are any other complaints on Kathy? maybe she has gotten her act together, if not I need to know because she has my deposit but still no puppies, it has been several Months.

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  • 36
      13th of Jan, 2018

    @maeiea Your nothing but a troll, post your name--provide a copy of your receipt showing your deposit, because you are NOTHING but a liar. People who are legit don't hide behind a "sign in" name. They don't post on a complaint board they contact the breeder!

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  • Re
      8th of Jan, 2018

    We got a pup from her a year ago. promised a large boned big and beautiful dark red and black dog. we also sent in a deposit, and the dam and sire we wanted were red x ruger. a week before they were due she informed us that the ultrasound turned up negative on red for pregnancy. the next pairing would be ava x ruger. we did not like the look of ava, and were quite disappointed when this happened. of course no one gets their deposit back and you’re just trapped into getting a pup from the next litter. our male shepherd is now a year old. I will give credit where credit is due.- he is the smartest dog i’ve ever trained. however - his left front paw is turned out at a 90 degree angle and will require a $2400 surgery. and he developed a [censor] stripe (only females are supposed to be susceptible to this) as his permanent coat was coming in. I kept kathy abreast of all that was happening hot him as it happened, but she always had an excuse. saturday, when I found out about the surgery, I emailed her and let her know exactly what I thought of her kennel and false advertising. actually, I was quite polite, and didn’t understand her almost verbally violent response - until I googled her name. something I should have done at the beginning. she lied and denied knowing certain things that I know I told her - one being that he was going to be used as a service dog. her contract (excuse me here) covers her [censor], which we knew. I simply told her that if I were a breeder that I would want to know the things I was telling her. of course we love our dog and could never get rid of him now... he’s part of the family. when you pay $1800 for a dog, you expect to get your momey’s worth. google her name. we adore our dog, and wish he was healthy. i’m glad we have him because we will spend the time and money on him to make sure that he is sound and healthy. if I had known all that I have found out about kathy back then, I would have given up my deposit.

    I hope this helps you in making your decision, or at least gives you up to date info regarding kathy. she does not have her act together. she is a scammer of the highest quality... I will attach a picture of our dog’s foot and [censor] stripe. buyer beware. the first place we are reporting her to is the bbb. good luck!

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  • 36
      12th of Jan, 2018

    I received abby's email on saturday, jan 06 2018 where she begins to say "if I were a breeder I would want to know". she went to her vet on saturday about her dogs foot. she told me that her vet had excellent credentials and sent me the photos she posted and a 5 second video. she viciously attacked me in her email, she said her vet referred her to another vet and this "other vet" glanced at the photo and video and said he needed a $2400 surgery. wow for a professional to glance at this without an exam, x-rays and quote $2400 that would raise some eyebrows. throughout her email she doesn't tell me what's wrong with her dog, she doesn't provide me with any vet documentation nor does she provide me with her vet contact info. so I have no idea what's going on. she contacted me late august and told me the dog suffered tick fever from a tick bite that caused him to become lame. abby sent me photos of her dog in late august, they are posted on my gallery page where she is raving about her dog's large size of 90 pounds at almost 9 months of age, beautiful coloring and from the pictures no problem with his front leg.

    I immediately replied back to her email on saturday, jan 06 asking for vet documentation, her vet contact information. she did not respond.
    I have all my emails and made sure I cc myself in when responding back to her. never did she provide me with her vet info. when she refused to provide me her vet info I became suspicious. I played the 5 second video over and over in slow motion and zoomed it in and I noticed the vet assistant in the video had on a scrub top with embroidered vet logo on her top, so I zoomed in to read it, that is how I got abby's vet's name. on monday, january 08 I called and talked to her vet and I am so glad that I did. by the way she accused me of being a scammer, a scammer doesn't call a vet to find out what's wrong with the dog. a scammer is someone who doesn't provide information or documentation as to what one is alleging. again, I am so glad I spoke to her vet and he assured me that the problem with her dog is not genetic, he even told her in his office on saturday "don't be pointing any fingers". well that's exactly what she did!!! her vet told me that her dog is not lame, he's not in any pain. abby's email to me on saturday she wanted me to believe that the problem with her dog was genetic in order to obtain a free dog or money, I don't know which she was after but it didn't work. she tried to guilt me in her emails by saying things "if I were a breeder I would want to know." she wouldn't come out and say it was genetic because she knew from her vet visit on saturday that it was not! abby stated in her emails how wonderful her vet was and his credentials but never offered any documentation or his phone number so that I could contact him, because after all, I am a breeder and I do want to know!!!

    So on monday, january 08 I emailed abby to let her know that I talked to her vet and told her exactly what her vet told me. as you can see from the date of her slanderous false complaint she made against me was on january 08. she didn't make her complaint on saturday, she only did this after I talked to her vet and she was so outraged because he told me the truth! then and only then did she file this phony complaint because she knew she wasn't getting anything from me once that I knew the truth from her vet! shame on you abby!!!

    Furthermore, not once did she tell me that the dog was to be used as what she calls a "service dog". we have no way of predicting that an 8 week old pup is going to be a service dog, and would never tell someone that. our pups are sold as pet/companions and everything in regarding deposits, terms and conditions of deposits are clearly posted on our website. she contradicts herself because in the video she sent me on saturday, jan 06 the dog is wearing a vest that reads "service dog in training". so my question is, is he or isn't he? if he's not, why have a service k9 vest on him? abby has made so many claims, she says she's a dog trainer for the last 20 years, a nurse, a teacher. I can't keep track of her stories anymore.

    Abby filed this complaint in retaliation after I called her vet, when he assured me that the dog's condition was not genetic she couldn't handle that I called her vet, she became outraged and posted her slander.

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  • 36
      12th of Jan, 2018

    Update: I decided to do my own investigation on this abby a. I discovered something very interesting just now.. abby posted a go fund me account for her husband's liver treatment 2 years ago. she updated it a year ago, (see photos attached of her comments) she posted the following (see pictures) "chuck is getting a service dog that we will both actually use. his is for ptsd, and the dog will also be trained to help me up when I fall, or go find help, and help me pick up things up off of the floor. I want to emphatically state that no funds from this account are being used for this. we are grateful for all of the help we have received in purchasing the dog (who comes home next week) and in the training days to come. he will be 8 weeks old, he is a black and red german shepherd, and his name is nitro." she states on her go fund me account "I hope you enjoy the picture of nitro". keep in mind per abby this photo was taken a week before him coming home per her own admission. she posted a photo of nitro that I am submitting here. this is not the puppy we sold her! I could not believe my eyes! talk about a scam!!! she states the puppy is coming home next week, she didn't know what puppy she was getting, so how could she post a picture, and where did this pup come from??? where did this photo come from???

    Abby was 2nd pick male depositor, 1st pick male depositor was ahead of her. pick up day for the pups was 12/27/16. I took the photos of the males the previous day on 12/26/16 (see attached) the pup she shows in the picture looks nothing like our pup (green collar male) the faces are totally different. abby's photo of her male, shows a much smaller face, small ears. the group photo of my male puppies were taken at 5 weeks of age and they (green collar male) looks nothing like the photo abby submitted as "her nitro".

    When abby arrived at our residence on 12/27/16 she picked "green collar" male from the group of puppies. green collar male is shown individually at 8 weeks of age the night before they left I took individual photos of all 8 puppies in that litter. the group of male pups were taken at 5 weeks of age. the date stamp on the photos of 12/26/17 shows the day before the pups went to their new homes.

    In comparison.. green collar male has bigger ears than this pup she has. so what's going on? I would love to see a scan of the microchip of the dog she has and claims to be the one I sold her, as my pups are always micro-chipped. I have the micro-chip # to the pup she left with which is green collar male. at this time I am totally shocked! what is going on? who's scamming who?! time to consult with my attorney and put a stop to her once and for all.

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  • 36
      13th of Jan, 2018

    @36german Abby Anderson states on her go fund me page: "We are grateful for all of the help we have received in purchasing the dog (who comes home next week) and in the training days to come. He will be 8 weeks old, he is a black and red German Shepherd, and his name is Nitro." WOW she deceives the people who helped her purchase a puppy by posting a photo of the dog she was to pick up in a week. Well that puppy did NOT come from me. I would like to know where the photo came from, because anyone can clearly see the photo she posted of the puppy on her go fund me page looks NOTHING like the puppy she bought from me! Talk about a SCAM!

    She posted on her go fund me page that the dog will be used for her as well when she falls or picking things up on the floor. Well from my assessment when she came here in person she didn't look disabled to me. She told her donors on go fund me that she was getting a service dog, she never told me she was using the dog as a service dog. Furthermore, she didn't pay for the pup, donors did. If I would have known about her go fund me page and her posting this puppy that didn't come from me, she would have NEVER gotten a pup from me!!!

    Another thing that sickens me to the core is that on her go fund me page she was still BEGGING for donations a week BEFORE she picked up her puppy from me. When she and her husband arrived on 12/27/16 to pick up her puppy (green collar male) she handed me a bank envelope for her balance due, I counted it and put it back in the envelope and put it in my pocket. After she left, I went to the bank to make a deposit and inside the envelope were two deposit receipts on her husband's account. One was a deposit of $4020.00 on 12/13/16 on Centennial Bank of Arkansas the other receipt showed a balance of $85, 000. At the time I thought nothing of it, but NOW since I read all of this about her on go fund me, I am thinking oh my God. For someone to have that much money in an account and begging for MORE $ is absolutely incredible!!!
    I read every single update on her go fund me and ALL she does is prey on innocent people to make them feel sorry for her in order to get $$$ That's the same thing she did to me, who knows what happened to her "Nitro" all she kept repeating in her emails was "if I were a breeder I would want to know". This was a con job from the get go in order to make me feel like this was my fault so she could get money or a free puppy out of me. When I talked to her vet and he told me that the problem her dog had is not genetic then she went crazy and retaliated by posting slander about me, all because her plan didn't work. That 's why she wouldn't provide me with her vet info/or any vet docs to back up what she was claiming.

    Then, when I found out yesterday 01/12/18 on her go fund me page that people helped her get a "service pup" she posted a photo of a puppy she called "Nitro" to show her donors on her go fund me page of the puppy she was bringing home and that puppy isn't the one I sold her! Well at that point she lost ALL credibility with me!!! My advice to Abby Anderson get a job !!!

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  • Ha
      15th of Jan, 2018

    I can't believe what's going on here! There was no way this Abby could've posted a picture of Nitro at 7 weeks because she couldn't have known which dog would be hers. We also bought a puppy from that same litter and didn't know which one we would end up with until that day! It boggles my mind that someone would try to ruin someone's business in this way! We are thrilled with our Hank (blue collar) male in every respect. He's a beautiful boy with excellent temperament. I would not hesitate for a minute to buy a puppy from Kathy Roberts. Her gallery shows many of us happy owners! Kathy has responded well to Abby's complaint but I find it sad that she even had to! She delivers what she says, a beautiful well tempered dog as long as us owners do our due diligence in feeding them right and training them correctly. Hopefully you can see the picture of our Hank and see for yourself the beautiful dogs Kathy breeds.

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  • Re
      22nd of Mar, 2018

    To everyone looking to buy a pup from Kathy Roberts ... please take the time to read this. Let me start with my credentials. I am a TWO TIME customer of Kathy’s. Let’s repeat that TWO times I have purchased a female pup from her. Once in 2007 and as recent as feb of 2018. My first girl Gemma passed away this year and I immediately went to Kathy for another pup. Over the 10 years I have remained in contact with her. We have exchanged photos, emails, texts and Christmas cards. What breeder spends the time to continue a relationship with their customer? Uh .. a good one !!! 10 years people ... that’s a long time. My Gemma was my life, beautiful, healthy and the star of her vet. My vet said she had a short list of gsd she liked Gemma was one of them. When Gemma passed away the outpour of sympathy was immense. Everyone knew how special that dog was to me and my family. Now let’s fast forward to now ... I have a beautiful, healthy, almost four month old pup from Kathy. She is the light of my life. My family and friends adore her. I’ve been told NUMEROUS times how absolutely beautiful she is. Her temperament is excellent and she has passed the vet health test with flying colors. I am an educated woman and what I see here is slander. I am appalled that a human being takes precious minutes of their day to attack Kathy. Just why? Does that make you feel better ? I like good humans and I love humans who love animals. And I mean love animals. Kathy is that person. Go to her gallery page look at her customers. YEARS worth of photos. That should be all the proof you need. Look for my Gemma and Remy they’re on there. If you read and take to heart ONE post about Kathy let it be this one. I will forever support her and her pups. I’ll be back for a third .. Remy needs a brother.

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