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Boat House of Cape Coral / Misrepresented Engine Hours

I purchased a used boat from the Boat House in Cape Coral FL in October. When I purchased this boat, they provided me with documentation that the engine had 729 hours via paperwork from when they connected the engine to their computer to get diagnostic details. 5 months later I found out from my local marina the engine actually has 1079 hours. The paperwork provided by Boat House also had the wrong engine ECM number - the paperwork was completely wrong! I also found that the engine had previously had very poor quality repairs resulting in needing a completely new power head and adapter plate since the previous "repair" was to use a "JB Weld" type of substance to patch the powerhead.

I tried to address the issue with Al Lewis, the sales manager at the Boat House whom I purchased my boat from and the response was that they would fix the engine if I paid them an additional $6000 or swap the engine for a less powerful, older 2 stroke even though I had purchased a modern 4-stroke engine.

I am extremely dissatisfied with my transaction and the Boat House and the fact that they did not stand behind the paperwork they provided. I did not get what I paid for.

Boat House of Cape Coral
Boat House of Cape Coral
Boat House of Cape Coral

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