Boarding Plus / Rolling Carry-on / foot was broken off and a pair of eyeglasses was broken along with the eye glass case.

1 CT, United States

My carry-on suitcase was checked-in in Amarillo, Tx. Tuesday April 17th, at approximately 11:00A.M.
I picked it up at my destination, Westchester, N.Y. When I stood it up onto its two wheels and two legs it fell over. Upon inspecting it I found the cause, one of the legs had been broken off. The time was approximately 12:25A.M.Sunday April 23rd. There weren't any United Personnel available to talk to. I did manage to speak to a security individual who advised me to call the airline the next morning. Because of heavy rains, I didn't reach home until sometime between 2:30A.M. and 3:00A.M. When I unpacked my bags this A.M., I found that my reading glasses, in a reading glass case, were broken and the case was unuseable.
The suitcase was pretty much full and there couldn't be much movement within it. The person who handled it certainly didn't take normal care. The suitcase was put on a plane in Amarillo, Tx., transferred to another plane in Denver, Co., and then transferred to a third plane in Chicago, Il.
Respectfully submitted,
Morton J. Chorney

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