BNP Paribas bankcard blocked and transaction amount not received - in bnpp paribas atm at paris - le 3 defense 92800

U Nov 26, 2017

I have attempted an ATM transaction of 50 euro withdrawal using my thomascook borderless prepaid card at BNP PARIBAS, LE 3 DEFENSE-92800 on 21/10/2017 16:44:10.
But my card and amount was not withdrawn. My card was locked in the ATM and the amount also not received. I went to BNPP and received my card. But they didn't return my cash, and asking me to contact thomascook.
I have received my borderless thomascook prepaid card with preloaded money from my company Tata Cosultancy services, Chennai, India while travelling to france for project purpose.

I have contacted both thomascook customer care and BNPP bank for my debited amount refund.
BNPP is asking me to contact thomascook for the amount refund and expecting my account number linked to my thomascook card
Thomascook is asking me to contact BNPP for the amount refund. And saying there is no account number for the prepaid card.

Amount debited from my account and I have not received. So the amount debited from my thomascook card should be credited to BNPP right ?

I have contacted BNPP customer care and they said BNPP will return. But bnpp is not considering my case and asking me to contact thomascook. Thomascook has given me the transaction history and it clearly indicates the debited amount.

Please check the transaction date 21/10/2017 at BNPP ATM and please do the needful to get my money back.

Transaction Details:

Date Ref no Txn Description Txn amount Settlement amount
21-10-2017 3621898 CASH WITHDRAWAL
BNP PUTEAUX FRA 4006.41 INR Dr 66.51 USD Dr

Thomascook Card No: [protected]

Note: For your reference, I have attached thomascook card transaction history and BNPP ATM slip.

BNP Paribas bank
BNP Paribas bank
BNP Paribas bank

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