BMW of Bellevue / 2012 328xi coupe - fraud in documents

So I had leased BMW 328xi coupe that was due to be returned on 2/17/2016. As per policy of BMW I had to get it pre-inspected within 90 days of return to assess any charges for extra mileage or excessive wear and tear. Here are the chain of events and fraud done by their Sales manager - Uwe Pheumer - I brought the car to the dealership on 1/11/16 for a vibration issue and pre-inspection. They fixed the issue for no charge since the car was under full warranty and told me everything looks good from an inspection perspective and the only thing I need is new tires - this was all verbal. As per BMW policy they were supposed to fill out a form and show me details - I was unaware too. I asked the marketing guy later on because apparently they are the ones to discuss the lease end questions, and as per him (I don't remember his name, but recognize him by face), I'll need new tires regardless because he was so confident that the tire depth would have been lower than 4/32 (minimum needed at the time of car return). I didn't say anything and left. On 2/15/16, I took the car to Discount Tires shop in Redmond, WA and had them measure the depth of the tire thread and they wrote it on their official company card that the tire thread depth was 5/32 for front tires and 6/32 for the rear tires. The same day I took the picture of that card and emailed it to BMW financial services via their own customer portal and stated how BMW dealership is telling a lie without even measuring the depth of the tire thread and telling me to spend $1000 approx. for brand new tires. On 2/16/16 I went to the dealership to turn in the car and Uwe Pheumer inspected the whole car for about 10 minutes or so, looked at the car from the exterior thoroughly and even measured the thread depth of the front tire with his own device and said "yes, tire looks good, it's 5/32 depth" and I told him that am leaving the card from Discount Tire in the car itself for their reference and he was ok with that. He then fraudulently made me sign on 2 places on an ipad stating that it's for 1.) Odometer rating and 2.) The fact that am returning the car today on 2/16/16 - that's it and everything else looks good and I'll get the final bill from BMW financial services regarding the disposition fee of $350, which I was already aware of as part of the leasing agreement. A couple of days later I just logged into my BMW account and saw the amount of $2360 that I owe them and I sent them a message regarding this for which they never responded - not even now. I thought they would take care of this discrepancy and I forgot about it. Yesterday (2/26/16) I saw the bill in my postal mail, after which I called BMW financial services and asked them to look into this fraud - they've asked their supervisor to call me back by Monday 2/29/16. The lady whom I spoke with recorded my conversation as required by law for debt collection and sent me the inspection report that was sent to them by the dealership in Bellevue. To my shock and surprise Uwe wrote up the report, with the $$ numbers and showed my signature at the bottom without me being even informed about it - this is a clear fraud and the dealership never gave me a pre-inspection report because as per their own policy I had the right to challenge their assessment and get the inspection done from a 3rd party - which they avoided because they would have been proven wrong on their assessment. They are trying to get me to pay so they can resell the car.
After I called the dealership again, the sales GM sent me an email stating that the tires are a mismatch - which was another lie, because neither did nor the original owner, who drove 19k miles - I even have the email from the original owner stating so. The car was originally leased in Santa Monica and despite me telling the BMW of Bellevue dealership to check with them, they wouldn't do so. Instead, they keep telling me that they are not responsible for the car they didn't lease - this is so dumb! I've leased cars before but NEVER EVER had this horrible experience! BMW is the worst brand!!

BMW of Bellevue

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