BML/Timeshare Solutions / Lots of money for nothing

1 1548 Ocean Shore Boulevard, Ormond Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 386-441-4990

My husband received an email regarding selling our timeshare. We had been looking for an avenue to do just that so he forwarded the email to me and I filled out the little form and received a call shortly after. Alyssa made things sounds so easy. She was so understanding through my two children screaming and ever so patient. She told me that we had great properties and they would probably sell in less than 30 days. She said she had a 72 day sell average. So we went for it. At first she said she could sell both timeshares for us for $795. We werent sure about letting the 2nd one go so we said only the 1st one we'd list. When we added the second property 5 minutes later, same phone call, she said it would not be $905 b/c it had already gone to validation. I received a call the next day which got us all excited about a potential buyer. We have not heard from anyone since except to get another contract via certified mail.

I received an email from RCI about scammers. That led me to do a search on the internet on Timeshare Solutions to see if we were indeed scammed. I was horrified by what I saw. I've contacted my credit card company in an effort to dispute the charge. I don't know what will happen with that as the contract that I did sign and return via fax has 1/20/10 date on it and they say we only have 7 days to cancel.

It's terrible that so many people are being scammed in these very difficult economic times and I hope that others out there will do due diligence and do their research FIRST before paying for services.

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