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The troubles I had with
Cheap Tickets and memorable
instance in my entire life.
It was real pain to travel
with Cheap Ticket It's
begins like this

First I have bought Air
Tickets thru Cheap Ticket on
04/20/06 Then I got email
confirmation on 04/22/06
Traveling from Newark to Ban
galore ( India ) for me and
my younger son for $2, 578.93

Flight Details are
From Newark to
London British Airways
flight # 188 from London to
Mumbai ( India ) BMI 781from
Mumbai to Ban galore Jet
Airways #484

Then I decided to take my
elder son along with me, so
I tried to get one more
ticket for him, but I could
not able to get it for same
day and same flight, so I
cancel l the ticket to get
all 3 tickets for same
flight that was the biggest
mistake I made, the reason I
came to know that after 2
days is I can't able to
purchase/change ticket .then
I got horrible experience
with the customer service
department First they do
not know what they are doing
for each clarification they
put me on hold for more then
1 hour. I have waited for 5-
6 hours on hold to get
answer this is one of the
worst experience their
customer service does, I got
big shock from that, I will
not get my money back or
change that means I will
loose entire $2, 578.93 just
for canceling my ticket,
then I spoke to customer
service and refuse to pay
back or change my tickets, I
was with them more then an
hour, ( I could not able to
talk their supervisor even
holding for more then 2
hours)Then I told them I
will inform this to consumer
affair and Better Business
Bureau and write letters to
all TV Channels, then they
have changed their mind and
starting convincing me that
they did not do this before
and this their favor at
least they have provided
tickets from London to
Bangalore as a courtesy
etc., and try to arrange my
trip again finally they got
confirmed that they gave
arrange my trip from New
York to Ban galore in
different flight on
different time that they
have informed me at 3:00 pm
the flight was 6:45 pm
Departure time, fortunately
I was ready with my
baggage's, my wife drew me
all the way to JFK from Budd
Lake to JFK it took more
then 2 hours.

Before that I tying to
reconfirm my fight on
06/11/06 but I got shocked
that my name and flight from
Newark to London was not
there in the list I called
British Airways, they could
not find my name then I
explained my story so they
went to their previous
records and told me that
they have cancelled my
ticket due to non
confirmation from Cheap
Ticket even after sent email
to them, they said that It's
cheap ticket's mistake and
they have to arrange flight
for me. Then I called cheap
ticket and informed about
it, they said they can't do
any thing that was British
Airways fault that they
won't rebook once flight is
cancelled and I have to buy
new ticket from Newark to
London, they will only
confirm from London to Ban
galore this took more then 2
hours then call got
disconnected after I I got
reconnected only on my
traveling day on 06/12/06, I
explained to British Airways
explanation about my
cancellation of my tickets
and they put me on hold for
one more then 1 hour to
answer due to my constant
approach they could not able
to escape any where finally
they arrange flight in
Virgin Atlantic from NYC
JFK to London, We have
arrived JFK at 5:45pm, (
Passenger suppose to arrive
for all international
flights for 3 hours prior to
departure time) our flight
was 6:45 pm, Virgin Atlantic
refuses to take care my
baggage to end destination
due to different Air line
booked from London and told
me to handle all the
baggage myself from London.
I was very worried due to my
disability as I am stroke
survivor not able to lift
bags on my own, walk, stand
for long, I requested them
again with my disability and
I agreed to pay more for
their services, but they
refused to arrange my bags
to my connecting flight,
then we landed in London I
suppose to get customs
clearance to get my bags, I
have waited more then1 hour
in the line to get my
customs clearance to collect
my bags then I got my bags
with help of others I can
able to get in to a cart
then I went to different
terminal which was very far
from the customs I have
walked with my kid and 6
bags with great difficult,
my leg was so painful and
burning, finally I reached
connecting flight BMI
terminal after I walked half
hour and I had very biggest
shock When I approached BMI
counter. They told me I
have too excess language, I
told them I came from New
York and In New York I
flayed thru virgin Atlantic
flight they did not say
anything about excess
baggage and accepted the
weight, then BMI people
informed me that, they have
different waiting terms then
other Air lines they can't
accept over weight for that
I have to pay1, 468.00
European Pounds for excess
of 63 kilograms at the rate
of 63.30 Pounds per KG
otherwise they can't accept
my bags, I explained all my
so-far problems and
requested I can't remove my
stuffs now I am half way of
my destination please
understand my problem and
accept it t, they did not
agree for any kind of
request, they told me to pay
1468, 00 pounds otherwise I
will not get my bags to the
final destination, so I did
not any other choice I had
paid for excess weight for
1.468.00 pounds and
collected receipt from them.
Now I have paid more for my
excess weight then my
flight, my flight trip is
$2578.00 but my excess
weight amount was $2700.00.
Not only that problem I have
to get customs clearance
from Mumbai too two customs
clearance for a one
destination. I had collected
all my bags again and with
great help of others I went
to connected flight terminal
and checked all my bags to
Ban galore flight by this
time I was completely tired
I could not able to even
breath properly and sever
pain in my complete body I
did not had sleep for 2
nights my eyes were restless
some how I manage to reach
connecting fight I was
seeing hell at that time and
my stupidest mistake of
buying tickets from cheap
tickets, It's feel like
complete body was falling
off on the spot, No one in
this world experience such
problems in their life, It
took more then one week for
my body pain to come to
normal. I have all the
documents like the original
tickets/ boarding pass from
Newark to London which is
not used, used boarding pass
of virgin Atlantic flight,
receipt from BMI airlines
for excess weight,
confirmation email from
Cheap Ticket and British
Airways all boarding passes,
stamp on my passport in
London for customs clearance
and Mumbai customs Cheap
Ticket's receipts and
boarding pass.

Now I need refund for excess
weight of $2, 700.00 other I
have to take legal action
against Cheap Ticket, Please
reply immediately to email or call
me at Phone # [protected]
or my cell [protected] or
[protected] or my address

2 Elwell Ave, Bud Lake, New
Jersey 07828.

Return back to US another
worst nightmare and bad I
experience with let me start
my experience while return
back to US.

I started my journey back
from Bangalore on 5th
Sept.along with my son with
only 2 bags because I had
worst experience while
coming and I don't want it
happen again, when I reach
Mumbai (Bombay) I have to
collect my bags and have to
check in another
International Airport so, I
have to carry with my bags
in shuttle service to
different International
Airport and waited more then
2 hours in the line to check
in my bags in BMI airlines
before I checked in for
Airport security because of
big line BMI left Bombay
more then ½ hour late, When
I reach London I had another
big surprise, my baggage's
were wrongly assign to
British Airlines to Newark
NJ, then I went to BA and
explain the situation and
request them to transfer to
Virgin Atlantic and after
spending more then an hour
and told them I am disabled
person they have agreed to
move my baggage's to Virgin
Atlantic, then I went to
security check in again
after spending 2 hours in
the line for my connecting
flight, unfortunately I
missed my flight because I
wasted my time in BA and
security line and I went to
Virgin Atlantic counter
and explain my horrible
story due to my conditions
they understood my situation
and told me to go in the
next flight at 2:00 pm, then
I called my wife and explain
flight timing change and
come to Airport accordingly.
When I arrive JFK one more
surprise was waiting for me,
my bags were not their I
waited more then 2 hours
finally gave a complaint to
Virgin Atlantic and return
home around 10 pm by the
time I arrive home I have so
exacted I can't even stand
went to bed immediately I
could not able to sleep
properly due to over body
pain. With this I like to

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