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Please beware! Do not trust the people at B&M Motorcars, in Leesburg, VA, they are liars and deceive their customers in order to make a sale, no matter what it takes! They fit the typical negative stereotype of money used-car salespeople, it’s shameful!

I recently financed a BMW Coupe at B&M Motorcars and initially I was greeted with smiles and great customer service. However, things changed once it came down to business. First of all, when I first inquired about a particular car I was interested in the sales representative gave me a different quote on the phone then what I was presented with when it came to signing at the dealership. The difference was of about $2K, and the dealership manager refused to honor the quote its representative had given me. Since, the car had a clean CarFax report and showed well, I proceeded with the purchase of the vehicle. Unfortunately, within a week of driving the car two different sensor detector lights came on; the ‘check engine’ light, and the oil filter light. At this point I decided to take the car to a mechanic to get an assessment on the issues that needed to be corrected before taking it back to the dealership. To my surprise I found that aside from having a multiple issues that need to be fixed, I didn’t even have a spare tire! The dealership had not bothered to give me a spare. Talk about complete disregard for customer safety!

Upon bringing the car back to the dealership I contacted my bank to cancel the loan on the vehicle, I decided that if the issues were not going to be resolved at no cost to me than I would just leave the car there. I expressed my concerns to the dealership manager who was not as receptive as he had been during our first meeting at the time of purchase; in fact, his professionalism was completely gone and he was quite rude. After much debate over the reasons why they should incur the cost of repair, they agreed that they would take care of issues. I requested something in writing that stated they would take care of the issues but the dealership manager told me I could take ‘his word’ that the issues would be corrected. That night, I called my bank and told them I was keeping the car after all. I left my car with the mechanics at the dealership believing that the issues would be taken care of, to my disbelief they weren’t taken car of at all!!! In fact, they kept the car for 4-days and only to provide me with my missing tire and fixed the issue with the ‘oil’ light (the cheapest issues that needed resolution). They refused to take care of the other issues pertaining to the ‘service engine’ light, and suggested that the best they could do is “temporally turn the ‘sensor engine’ light OFF, ” so that I can pass my out-of state inspection. This has been the most unprofessional and deceitful establishment I have ever been to; given the [censored]edil;ade of the establishment and their extended inventory of luxury vehicles, I expected something completely different. I’ve lost time, money, and have undergone incredible stress because of this car situation. I encourage anyone who wants to buy a car to keep looking at other options, especially if you want to avoid loss of money, high blood pressure and headaches.

Once B&M Motorcars sales you the car, they could care less about showing any kind of accountability or provide good customer service with any issues that may arise with it, there do not uphold the 30-day warranty period. The laws protecting such dealerships have many loop holes which make it easy for these institutions to get away with such behavior. Once again, please beware.

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  • Sb
      2nd of May, 2012

    I had a very simliar experience dealing with B&M Motorcars of Leesburg, VA. When I initially contacted the dealership on April 20, 2012, speaking with a salesperson by the name of Ray Gillespie about a Mercedes I was quoted a totally different price than what I was quoted when I arrived at the dealership. Just like your case, I was provided a clean CarFax report for a Mercedes C-class. Based on this information and the fact that I received a close to sought after price for a my trade-in, I went ahead and continued with the purchase of the vehicle. When I was negotiating the sale, everyone was very friendly and accomodating. I was pleased with the look and feel of the car and drop off a happy customer. Unfortunately that was short lived. A day after driving off the lot with the vehicle I noticed the backseat seat belts were fastened. Since no one rode in the back seats and because it looked odd to me for some reason, I unfastened the seat belts. A few hours later while returning from a trip the SRS Restraint System Malfunction indicator light came on. Puzzled, I went online to research the possible cause, that's when I read that this was a passenger safety issue that could affect the deploying of the airbag system in the event of a crash. Well of course I knew I had to return the vehicle immediately, however just as the previous commentor mentioned I had a out-of-state vehicle inspection to complete, therefore I decided to wait until after the inspection, just in case there were other issues in need of attention, before I returned the car. I met with a neutral mechanic and he informed me this was a serious safety issue and should be looked at soon. Soon after, later that morning, I returned the vehicle to B&M Motorcars informing them of the issues with the vehicle. It had only been a few days since I purchased the document and prior to my arrival at the dealership I felt confident that B&M Motorcars would honor the 30-day or 1, 000 mile warranty attached to the vehicle after the purchase. Oh how I was so wrong., unfortunately B&M Motorcars honors nothing. I was instantly given the scripted response. First I was asked to wait in the waiting area until after their "master mechanic", who just happened to have last worked at Mercedes of Alexandria, looked at the vehicle. About 30 minutes later, Mr. Gillespie returned again with the CarFax report in hand to reassure me that the vehicle was a "certified" Mercedes Benz. He then told me that the mechanic checked the problem and fixed the issue. I asked him if he turned the light off he answered yes. When I got into the car to start it up light came right on. I bought this to Mr. Gillespie's attention letting him know that I don't beleive his mechanic attempted to fix anything. Mr. Gillespie then tried to act surprised and dumbfounded and asked the mechanic to come over to the car. The mechanic then states that there was a recall currently for this issue by Mercedes. He told me to call Mercedes to have them fix it. I told him no problem, I'll call Mercedes of Alexandria right now while he stood there to confirm this. I placed the Mercedes representative on speaker and confirmed that there was NO recall for that issue. Then the mechanic and Mr. Gillespie said there was a "service bulletin" on the vehicle for that issue. So, I called the Mercedes rep back and asked about the service bulletin. Once again, there was none. By this time I am out of patience, Mr. Gillespie walked back into the dealership and returned telling me to take the car to a Mercedes dearlership to get an diagnosis and estimate for repair. He said once I get the estimate, I should fax the estimate to B&M Motorcars so they can remedy the issue. I made an appointment for the following morning. I took the car in and confirmed once and for all that there was no recalls/service bulletins and the problem was the back passenger seatbelt that needed to be replaced at a cost of $300. The diagnostic cost me $156 that day. I asked the service manager to fax the estimate to B&M Motorcars, which he did. He also stated that he remmbered Mr. Gillespie from that particular dealership where he was TERMINATED. I called Mr. Gillespie at B&M Motorcars and confirmed his receipt of the estimate. He told me it wouldn't be until the following Monday before he could have an answer about the repair. Monday morning Mr. Gillespie telephoned me and left a message that he was still working on getting the car fixed and that B&M Motorcars would probably just order the part and perform the repair themselves. on Tuesday morning I sent Mr. Gillespie a message requesting the status of the repair and was told that there was no word yet. I asked Mr. Gilespie who's word was I awaiting, he told me to call the dearleship and ask for the manager.
    Here is where they lost all customer service points. I called and asked to speak with the dealership manager. I was transferred to some man with a heavy, almost made up accent who barely told me his name. When I told him who I was and why I was calling, he then asked me what did I want them to do about it. I responded that I wanted the dealership to fix the problem or pay to have the repair done elsewhere. He then ask me was the light on when I drove off in a very sarcastic tone. I told him no, but it came on once I unfastened the seat belts the very next day. He told me, well that's too bad and this issue is not covered under their warranty. I asked him why this information and denial of service was not given to me on the Friday I bought the vehicle in before I was told to seek a $156 diagnosis just to end up with a vehicle still not repaired. He placed me on hold and then came back claiming to have chewed out Mr. Gillespie and letting me know that both Mr. Gillespie and the mechanic where wrong to give me that information. He claimed that he would also be "chewing" out the mechanic as well. I responded and told him that I think his dealership should at least return the money I spent on the useless diagnostic. He claimed he would speak to the owner to see if I could get a portion of my money back. I haven't heard from anyone since.

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  • Kr
      4th of Sep, 2012

    This is most likely not what you would call a "real dealership" that actually services and takes responsibility for what they sell. These are most likely similar to the fly-by-night businesses (like the cars sold by street vendors along the back alleys in DC and Maryland mentioned recenntly on TV) in that they the obtain vehicles for little or nothing whose owners can no longer pay for them, bank repossessions, bankruptcy victims, those who have to sell everything they own due to economic hardships, stuff that is returned to auction that has been driven into the ground by drivers of motor pools and rental agencies but not properly serviced, abused vehicles, lemons, and most likely lots of stuff cleaned up after it gets washed ashore or pulled out of a river or estuary after a hurricane or tsumami from other parts of the country. They make their money off them by charging a tiny "fee to play" (currently $37.00) and signing you up to assume the payments that the former owner would not. Of course, the bank pays them off for every car they successfully can pawn off on somebody. Now how many folks in severe economic stress are going to be keeping up the repairs and maintainance regularly on their vehicle, when what little welfare money they have coming in is having to feed their family and put a roof over their heads? We get cheap-looking, screaming flyers in the mail frequently from this outfit--"NO CREDIT, doesn't matter--just pay us $37 and we will have you in any of thousands of vehicles of your choice in no time, , ." They are simply a pipeline business set up to move distressed merchandise to be resold or re-appropriated from severely distressed people and areas of the country, then brought to the "richest county' in the states" where they can find lots of people with lots of money who love to think they have found a great bargain. Thus, they get rid of them quickly and with no overhead or responsibility--do they tell you the vehicle is not being sold to you, you are merely accepting it as is and taking over the payments for the bank or finance company trying to re-animate the tranches of dead loans it bought during the banking crises?. Or is that disclaimer lost in print only readable with a microscope? Let's let wisdom prevail here--unless you are yourself a master mechanic with a flair for "flipping" nice cars after fixing them up yourself for a profit, repossession mills are better left alone.

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  • Vi
      24th of Jan, 2013

    From dreamers that want luxury cars and can't afford them, to the ones that buy a used car and expect it to be new, and then the ones that look for the cheapest things online, then complain that a dealer doesn't want to help. An example: If any of you would sell a car for less than what you purchased it for, would you still pay more to make it look like it's 5000 USD more? You all may say, that you would and that a company should do that... then you must be lying and/or don't understand business. Go back to school and get some brains. There are real hardships elsewhere in the world, real issues. Stop crying and grow up. Knowledge is what separates smart people from stupid people, so stop being stupid.

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