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I looked at my Verizon phone bill, there was an additional charge on my bill that was not authorized by me. A charge of 14.95 which they had also billed the same amount for the next month. I asked that both charges be removed, and Blvd Network llc said that charges would be removed, and service cancelled. What service?? I didn't order the service or authorize it.

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  • Co
      Oct 11, 2008

    have charges for 15.70. never subscribed for any services

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  • Ed
      Oct 13, 2008
    blvd network llc - Billed for service never ordered
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Have called twice and they did give me a credit of $49.95 and said taxes of $1.05 would have to come from ATT. It still appears on my bill which I refuse to pay. They can come after me if they'd like. The NC Attorney General and BBB await their efforts.


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  • Ke
      Oct 20, 2008

    I got the same charge on my ATT bill from BLVD NETWORK LLC. I was told to call [protected]. It seems someone ordered voicemail on the internet using my phone number. The name of the person ordering did not sound familiar and did not live near me, the rep on the phone figures that person entered the phone number incorrectly. I'm told I will recieve full credit. They were very nice, but I was on hold for awhile. I guess mistakes happen.

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  • Do
      Nov 09, 2008

    I also got a charge on the AT&T bill for $15.62 for a service we never ordered. I'll be calling them shortly to have the service deleted.

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  • Re
      Nov 10, 2008

    I notice a charge of 14.95 on my fiance's phone bill from BLVD for electronic Fax service she nor I requested. It would seem that if you request free samples on certain web pages from national chains you end up being signed up for these nonrequested services automatically. Please be extra careful with internet request for samples. I have been trying to contact them so far no luck. I e-mailed our service provider to refuse any request for payment to our future bills as well as contacting ESBI to not process anymore payment request from BLVD Network.

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  • An
      Nov 16, 2008
    blvd network llc - Billed for $15.25 on my att phone bill, i never ordered any services from them and now i cannot reach them by phone.
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    A charge just appeared on my ATT home phone bill of $15.25. I did not order any new service and have been on hold for hours trying to reach the number given on my statement.
    What is going on?

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  • Ti
      Nov 24, 2008
    blvd network llc - Telephone Bill
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Wehave been paying $12.95 per month on our telephone bill since June 2008 for voicemail that we didn't order and do not use. I am not sure that we are actually connected to any service for it! We are just being billed for the service.

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  • Vs
      Dec 02, 2008

    The same thing just happened to me - Blvd Network LLC subcontracting with SW Bell has placed erroneous charges on my landlords phone and said I ordered it! Perhaps it's time for a Class Action Lawsuit?

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  • Ez
      Dec 06, 2008

    Why o I get billed for something I know nothing about and do not need or use? What can be done?

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  • Ch
      Jan 11, 2009
    blvd network llc - Unauthorized Phone Bill Charges
    BLVD Network LLC
    New York
    United States

    I received a new charge of $14.95 on my Verizon bill for October. I never authorized this charge and contacted Verizon. According to them, they couldn't explain what I was being charged for, but they put a block on my account to prevent 3rd parties charges onto my bill (I'm surprised they routinely allow it without my authorization). My November bill was OK. Now I have 2 charges of $14.95 for December. I'm not sure if ESBI is also in on this scam with BLVD Network, but I put in a complaint to them. I'm still waiting to see how this will end -- maybe cancel my Verizon account!

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  • La
      Apr 23, 2009

    I too have gotten the same charges on my Verizon phone bill. When I questioned Verizon they said since they are a utility company whenever a company (such as ESBI) sends charges through for network services they have the right to bill it to you on your phone bill.

    I have been billed for six months unknowingly (shame on me) but I am going after them.

    Can you say "Class Action Law Suit"!!!

    Please let me know if you've been billed the same at [protected]

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  • Jo
      Aug 08, 2009

    Why is Verizon putting these unauthorized charges on our telephone bill in the first place?

    Verizon provides me with hard line telephone service and DSL internet. What gives Verizon the right, in the frist place, to include third party charges on my bill from Verizon and then to refuse to remove them?

    The problem is Verizon. BTW Verizon said that these type of charges can be blocked in New Jersey, where I live. However they cannot remove the charge of $14.95 plus 7% N.J. sales tax before I put the "block" on my Verizon Account. I now have the problem of getting BLVD to credit my Verizon account and Verizon doe not give a $#!+ and will not get involved. What gives?

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  • Ve
      Sep 04, 2009

    They are thieves!!! Attaching them selves to your bill hoping you won't notice. Third party billing should be STOPPED without authorization from the customer. It is a door being left wide open for" thieves to steal" from you with your phone company's help. The FCC has to put a stop to this practice. Write letters or call FCC, demand this practice is stopped without customers authorization!!!

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  • Pd
      Dec 04, 2009
    blvd network llc - Service not ordered
    New York
    United States

    Charges appeared out of the blue on our Verizon Telephone bill. No idea where they came from and am in the process of having them removed.

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  • Ka
      Jan 20, 2010

    I was billed $32.59 on my AT&T account for services I have never used. AT&T were good about removing them.

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  • Pr
      Feb 11, 2010

    My GOD!!! I am on a 40 day fast and I received a call tonight from my grandmother saying a bill arrived at her house in my name. " A bill"?, I asked her. "Yea, and its in your name"! I asked her what kind of bill it was and she said that there was a charge on her phone bill and that was for a voice mail. I asked her what that had to do with me and she said that they called in and asked AT&T and that they were told that the order was placed by a person name X YZ (me). Huh? How could that happen. So I immediately went out to the country and my granddaddy's oldest daughter who is now living with them accused me of stealing her identity because of this! I asked her how would I, a city resident with a home of my own, benefit from ordering THEM a voice mail, and she said it was my way of forcing them to pay MY bill! Insane! There was a big blowout because of this. I love my grandparents too much to let this rend our family apart! I got the number and name of the company. It is now the next day here, 5:14 in the morning to be exact, and I still have not slept for this. So i decided to type in the company name and praise be to GOD I found this (site)!!! So, I thank GOD for even having a place of affirmation like this available to me with testimonies of other innocent people who had been victimized. It is time for this to end! Justice, anyone?


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  • Ky
      Mar 08, 2010

    Wrongly billed. Unauthorized charges.

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  • Mc
      Apr 10, 2010

    We have been getting these charges from BLVD NETWORK LLC about some fax service. $14.30 has been charged for two months and credited back after calling to complain to AT& T that no one in my household has ordered these services. Again this month, the third, AT&T said they had no control over this situation and to call that company directly @ [protected] and twice I have called and have been hung up on and cussed out by a girl with a very dirty mouth. My rights as a consumer are being violated and my privacy is too. This is ridiculous, I am considering canceling my service as a whole and not having a house phone at all.

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  • Ad
      Jun 11, 2010
    blvd network llc - Career Criminals
    BLVD Network LLC
    West Virginia
    United States

    I have never in my life had a business relationship with this company. The only reason I know BLVD Network LLC is that it has so frequently charged me for services I've never authorised. I'm getting very tired of being robbed on a regular basis. Hasn't it occurred anyone in authority that these people are professional criminals?

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  • Sc
      Jun 28, 2010

    I had the same experience, mysterious charges nobody authorized. When we called AT&T they explained it was for an online fax service, whatever that is. However they agreed to reverse the charges without much hassle at all.

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  • Dw
      Dec 27, 2010
    blvd network llc - Did not sign up, billed for services
    BLVD Network, LLC
    United States

    I was billed through my phone company for services through this company. Neither my wife nor I signed up for this service. I called BLVD who said that my name and phone number was used to request this monthly service and that two months have been charged so far. I just got my phone bill and noticed this charge of 14.95 for last month and the customer service person told me that the current month was billed also through my phone company. She said that she would cancel this service and issue credits for both billings and gave me an confirmation number. Not only do I have to pay for one month of this service but also a second month of service on my next phone bill, then I have to wait 1 to 2 months for BLVD to credit my phone company. I thinnk this is a crock and my wife, who is from Taiwan, also thinks so too. She said in Taiwan, credit is issued immediately. I will have additional complaints should the above-mentioned things do not occur.

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  • Ca
      Jan 08, 2011
    blvd network llc - Charged to my Verizon bill without authorization
    BLVD Network LLC
    United States

    I just received our Verizon bill and noticed a $14.95 charge. I have no knowledge of this company or any service they have provided. There was never an authorization given to them for services.

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  • Jd
      Feb 25, 2011

    My husand and I just found harges on our verizon bill for $14.95. After looking back at our previous bills we have been charged three months in a row. After speaking with Verizon the rep. indicated this is a third party billing party. Verizon credited our account and put a third party block on our account. When we asked verizon how this could happen they said that BLVD/ESBI hacks into their accounts. When asked how Verizon could allow this to happen they said unless someone notices it on their bill they don't do anything. This is can Verizon allow this to happen. Verizon gave us the phone number of this third party which is [protected]. My husband blasted them for doing this and informed them there is a block and they can no longer take our money for a service we never authorized. This is crazy and someone in Congress should shut these people down. All I can say is CHECK YOUR PHONE BILL! Don't let this company take money for a service you did not authorize.

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