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Bluegreen Timeshares / scam and fraud!

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It was a Pretty Picture, but Disconcerting at the best, disheartening at the worst. As a corporate attorney for 20+ years and having an MBA and a BBA in business Lynn and I were quite interested when we went to check out the BlueGreen timeshare sales pitch. We have long shopped Bass Pro and are both impressed by the quality and high standards of the corporation. We have both been approached by a sanctioned salesperson in Bass Pro about the BlueGreen timeshare solicitations. Over this years MLK Holiday we decided to go down to Florida and check out the sales pitch.

Woo Hoo what a story. For a corporation listed on a national stock exchange, BXG, you would think they would meet you with an employee of the corporation with a name tag and business card right off the boat. Alas even thought the sales glossies discussed a first class destination on Daytona Beach The Casa Del Mar and we liked its presentation and ambiance - upon arrival we were shunted to the nearby Holiday Inn by the front office staff.

Hmm a national firm with dozens of locations in a site where the parking lots are empty and the lobby nearly deserted sending us to a Holiday Inn rather that putting us up in the Casa Del Mar? Well, Lynn was bothered by the fact that the verbal representations and e-mails she had received had to all intents and purposes indicated that we would be staying at the Casa Del Mar. But we remembered thinking at the time wasn't it strange the employees had no name-tags and no descriptive accommodations booklets were on display?

Upon arrival at the Holiday Inn we were shown the normal courtesy and service you expect from a national hospitality organization. However, I tried to upgrade the room from a back window facing room to an ocean facing room. I was told that no upgrades were available. Hmmm - this despite the Priority Club membership which I enjoy due to years and years of business travel. Later during our stay we noted that many rooms on the ocean side were dark and unoccupied.

So we decided to be troopers and go the next morning to the sales pitch. We spoke to a couple of locals who were of the hefty persuasion and settled on a local restaurant Charlie Horses Restaurant. It was excellent! It's located next to Bonefish grill, the Carrabas sister restaurant, and we recommend it for good food and local dining. OK here is the rest of the story.We show up the next morning and are introduced to our sales pitch representative a genial 30ish fellow named James. Our James is an ex-law enforcement officer and highly articulate. He has obviously done his homework and is quite a good salesman. Having been involved in sales for years I saw through the act but absolutely & thoroughly enjoyed the show. James is a likable and competent sales person.


1)No one there had a name tag,
2)James did not have a business card,
3)James did not have an e-mail,
4)We were not introduced to the sales manager until we asked to meet him after the pitch,
5)The administrative secretary had leather pants and 2 inch Asian nails with filigree designs,
6)The sales manager made reference to imbibing in alcohol the night before with the second sentence out of his mouth,
7)When we asked for contractual agreement documents to take home and study we were denied the opportunity to examine the 40+ page document at home,
8)We asked for an Owners packet and were told we were not allowed to have one until after purchasing the timeshare. We then offered to PAY for the brochure This was not allowed,
9)We then asked if, after reviewing the internet, the better business bureau, and corporate statements if we could call James back up and purchase from him. We were told we could no longer deal with James directly,
10)After checking the BlueGreen internet site it is apparent that there are no numbers to call to talk to real people and the electronic curtain is obviously a thick one.

Needless to say as an attorney and businessman I find all of this highly irregular and will not be purchasing a timeshare from this outfit.

My words to anyone considering doing business with this group are the old legal axiom CAVEAT EMPTOR. (Buyer Beware!)

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  • St
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    My wife worked there in finance dept and I often thought they were running a prostitution ring in back. Her hours were 8pm to 3pm and I never undertstood why. Dont think many highroller buyers are up at that hour. good call btw


  • Ja
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    Thank you for taking the time to post your review. I also purchased my Bluegreen tour at Bass Pro Shops over the Christmas holidays. We are timeshare owners and expected to stay at the resort location. When we reserved our trip, we were sent a pre-printed letter with our reservations at the Hawthorn Suites. I have nothing against Hawthorn, however, this package was represented as at one of their timeshare locations. This 'bait-and-switch' tactic appears to be standard course of business operations. If Bass Pro Shops is going to sanction this organization, their management should actually participate in one of the sales pitches.

  • Je
      20th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    after purchase try booking sometimes nothing avail comes up but then try bonus time and wow!! it is available... the bonus time is unused inventory but i guess they just want a little more money!!!

  • De
      7th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Bluegreen rarely puts people up at their resorts because they don't OWN them, the OWNERS own them and visitors have no rights to stay at the resort and take up rooms that should be available for owners. You can come as a guest of a member (we do that all the time). I agree, it is difficult to get into the resort that you want unless you get to the silver level. Then you can book 13 months in advance and get whatever you want. We have never been denied a unit booking early. Just takes planning and a little time.

  • Su
      7th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    We have NEVER Purchase any Bluegreen tour from anyone they are FREE so if anyone purchased a tour from anyone THEY are the frauds. Blue green even GIVES you free things to do their tour and they wear name tags and dress professionaly. We have been with Bluegreen since 2006 and we are happy with most everything...I think it is one of the BEST time shares out there you just have to know what your doing BEFORE you get into it..I just got from 4 days in Las Vegas nad anothe r 5 days In Orlando at the BEAUTIFUL FOUNTAINS RESORT, I admit tjere are a quit a few flaws but over all it is GREAT..If you need help understanding or even if you would like a TRUE Bluegreen experience you can contact me...Jeanette Adams at NO I am NOT a sales person just someone who knows how to make Bluegreen work for you...Good Luck and REMEMBER NEVER buy a bluegreen tour they are free...

  • Lu
      7th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I've been with Bluegreen since 2004 and I love it! When I attended my sales pitch everyone was dressed well and very professional. They give vacations away all the time, but you do not stay in their resorts. They are for members and their guests only. You would stay nearby and tour the resorts. At Bluegreen you don't get a room like you would at the Holiday Inn. You get a full 1-3 bedroom suite. Or a cabin, or a condo, depending on which resort you choose. Unlike other time shares where you get the same condo on the same week, year after year, as owners we have access to any number of resorts at any time of the year! I have and will continue to recommend Bluegreen to anyone.

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