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1 United States is dishonest. They advertise top grade Swiss watch replicas and charge a premium price, but instead, they send you a cheap Asian replica.

Their web site advertises that you will get a watch that no one will be able to tell it's a fake unless they open the back; but instead, they send you a watch that is extremely easy to tell it's a fake.

They advertise that if you're not satisfied, they will refund your money, but instead, they make it impossible to get your money back. If you try to return the bad fake, they give you a fake address in New York City to mail it to so your package can't be delivered. They rarely answer your calls but if they do, they promise to send you a new watch, then tell you they're transferring you to their shipping department and then they put you on hold and never come back. They never answer e-mails.

This we know from actual experience. Other users of have reported similar experiences and have posted their accounts to various web sites or forums.

If there is such a thing as an undetectable Swiss watch replica, either doesn't have it, or won't send it. We suspect there is no such thing as an undetectable Swiss watch replica, and that any web site that makes such a claim is running a scam to get you to pay hundreds more for a cheap fake that is not worth even a hundred dollars.

Beware of web sites that claim to review replica watch web sites and rate them! Click here for some examples.

You have been warned. If, after this warning, you choose to believe their web site, their fake testimonials, and their fake "replica watch web site review" sites, you only have yourself to blame when you get cheated out of your money for a cheap Asian replica or worse.

We have seen reports that is operated by the same people who operate other web sites claiming to sell top grade, undetectable Swiss watch replicas. We don't know that for certain, although it is a distinct possiblity. We would caution anyone from paying hundreds of dollars for a Swiss watch replica from any web site. If you value your money, never, ever buy from one of these sites unless they take credit cards. Never buy using COD (cash on delivery).


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