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Dear colleagues and candidates,
I am sending this information’s to all new fresh colleagues and candidates about this "Blue Whale Solutions" Fraud company
They are called Walkin interview in Chennai 20th to 26th January 2015, Qualification MCA, ME, M.Tech, BE, MSc. Etc..
Offering salary is below
Deposit in the company -10, 000 RS (never get this deposit)
3 month no salary
After 3 month salary 6, 000 RS ( this salary also not get as per other complaint)

Originally this company name is "Openwire Solutions", a software firm at Velachery, Chennai. new name is "Blue Whale Solutions"
please find below old HR manager letter from the web about this company.

I'm Suba Anandhan, former HR of Openwire Solutions, a software firm at Velachery, Chennai. I'm writing this on behalf of my colleagues and candidates who got an offer from Openwire and willing to join them. This is not a company at all, this is just a 3 bedroom flat with 9-10 computers. No proper management, no salary, no delivery, nothing!! They get payments from the Client and deliver nothing. Please google "Openwire Solutions Complaints" and you can see lot more reviews about this firm.

Since I was in the HR department, I know very well about this firm. I know them in & out. Damn poor management. The owner of this firm doesn't know anything about software development and he speaks all bull ###!! They have 3-4 US numbers starting with (703), it's a magic jack number. Clients, before awarding the project, ask them whether you can visit their office at Virginia, US and their answers will be NO because they don't have an office there. They might use other tackling techniques.

Please don't engage this company for your projects. You will lose money, time and energy.

To Clients(who blindly believing openwire solutions and offering them Projects)
--- I pity you! That’s your innocence offering projects to openwire solutions. You will never get your project done on time. First of all, they never tell you project’ll not get what you really expects from openwire solutions once your projects been offered to them. Not only me…victims of this company are many.. who lost their money trusting them offered project. They will ask you to pay for 1st phase of project without even finishing what you really expects to be finished..and then they make you believe showing you some clickable stuffs telling half of your project has been finished successfully and ask you to pay for next phase. Actually you are losing never get your projects delivered. If you ask for timeline/’ll get too many evasive answers from them telling your project is undergone for Unit Testing or Quality Assurance team.. but fact is, there’s no such team to do it.. as far as I enquired about openwire solutions, What they have on their official website and what they have on elance, guru, .. portfolio is utterly fake. Everything in portfolio has been trickily stolen from other sites and source. FAKE FAKE FAKE…!

To Fresher/experienced developers(who wants to join in openwire solutions)
----Oh gosh! have u been called for position of Business analyst or Senior software developer? Well.. I personally plead you not to join in ows(OpenWireSolutions) if you really concern about your career growth. This is real piece of ###, so is your career. I’m certain, you never get an exposure working here as what other good IT company might have.. This is not a company at all, it’s just a tiny 3BHK rental apartment named openwire solutions. Inside, there will be some 9 - 15 pc in which many are not working properly..messy environment, no ac, disgusting loo, you will not get your salary ever, no benefits.. if you ask your rights to’ll be fired out of company.. still you wanna join here? Then can’t help you! Your life is under jeopardy if you join in openwire solutions. You’ll learn nothing here.. Unprofessionalism is a mantra of openwire solutions.. damn..cheater! BEWARE..BEWARE..BEWARE..!

These are some of their reviews on the Internet. Please visit these URL's before awarding the projects to them.

/link removed/

/link removed/

/link removed/

/link removed/

This company is total scam and fit for nothing.

Clients: Don't engage this firm for your projects and regret. They deliver nothing and you will lose your MONEY & TIME!!

Candidates: Never ever join this firm. It's better you sit at home but don't make a mistake of joining this firm. They won't pay you salary and you won't learn anything here. Project manager whose name is Karthikeyan doesn't know anything and he won't encourage you. He knows only to yell at you and use all cheap techniques to throw you out saying your performance was bad.

Blue Whale Solutions

Jan 22, 2015
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  • Ku
      5th of Mar, 2015

    I want to know clearly that any documents are available to prove this

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  • Sw
      5th of Nov, 2015

    please mr kumaran if you want proof just go and join this bluwhale solutions...then only u clearly available...why these guy writing this much ...?bcoz he have some proof ...yaa ...and still if u want to prove just see on google reviews also...

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  • Vi
      29th of Jan, 2016

    Software Testing in Distributed Teams

    I started writing this article with the idea that I’d talk about technology and practices that help teams succeed with testing even when they’re in multiple geographic locations. But as I wrote, two things happened. First, after so many years of working in teams that take a Whole-Team approach to testing, it’s hard for me to separate testing from other aspects of software development. Secondly, everything always gets back to team and company culture.
    The same things that make a co-located team able to deliver valuable software to the business frequently, while maintaining a sustainable pace (to paraphrase Elisabeth Hendrickson) also enable distributed teams to do the same thing. However, distributed teams will have to be even more disciplined and committed to making their software development process work.
    So, as you read this article, you may find yourself thinking "But any team should do that", and you will be correct: a learning culture that encourages small experiments and continuous improvement while tolerating failure.
    Distributed software development teams are here to stay. More and more companies are national or global. More and more employers are willing to hire good software professionals no matter where they live. Some businesses think they can save money by "off-shoring" their coding or testing teams many time zones away from where business stakeholders and customers reside. How do we get quality software in these situations?
    Rapid Feedback
    Even when all roles on a development team work in the same building, testing gets disconnected from other development activities. The ability to deliver valuable features in a timely manner, responding to changing business needs, depends on a short feedback loop.
    If a regression failure is found within minutes of the code check-in that caused it, the fix is quick and easy. Showing customers the first pass through a new UI page design early means less time wasted on the wrong approach. Identifying missing requirements by doing exploratory testing on an early iteration of the software helps teams develop the right feature
    How do distributed teams get faster feedback? Continuous integration (CI) is the foundation of timely feedback. Without it, your team will not be able to keep technical debt to a manageable level. Your team wouldn’t dream of operating without source code control, and CI is just as necessary. Building up suites of automated tests that give fast warnings of regression failures takes months or even years, so get started now.
    With the basics in place, your distributed team can focus on other aspects of feedback and collaboration. Driving development with business-facing tests is a proven way to delight our customers. Testers need to be involved in eliciting examples of desired behavior from customers as they plan new user stories. They need to participate in planning and design meetings. Customers need to be actively involved, reviewing new features as they are incrementally developed, making decisions as developers discover new information.
    When the customer and developer teams are spread geographically, technology makes these activities possible. Today we have many options for video chat and conferencing, instant messaging, backchannel chat rooms and tele-presence devices. More about those in a bit.
    These practices and technologies won’t work, however, unless teams have the discipline to use them constantly. My distributed team makes a conscious effort every day to collaborate using all these lines of communication to keep every team member, regardless of location, actively involved. That involvement extends to our customers, too.
    Building the Distributed Team Culture
    I’m not sure any distributed team can succeed over the long term without being together in one location from time to time. "Face time" is so important to building trust. Our team members congregate in one location every six weeks or so. Getting to know each other helps us communicate better and faster. Having fun together socializing and playing a few rounds of table tennis means that we enjoy working together remotely more.
    Experiment with practices and techniques to keep testing an integral part of your distributed team’s development process. Use video for all meetings, even daily standup and status meetings, so that team members in different locations can see each other. There’s a visual component to communication that is indispensable.
    Make sure all team members, including testers, have an equal voice, and feel safe asking for help. Encourage whole-team responsibility for quality and testing, so that people in any role take on testing tasks when needed.
    All team members, regardless of location, need adequate training, and time to learn. This is especially critical in an "offshore" situation. If your company hired a team in another country or continent to do testing, bring them to the rest of the team to learn the business domain, the software, the practices they’ll need to know. Alternatively, send team members out to train them. Remote training may be adequate later on, but that face-to-face contact is crucial to building good relationships and communication.

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  • Dh
      7th of Aug, 2016

    Hello there,
    My name is Stacy Reed I represent Blue Whales Corporate Affairs and Online Reputation team in US. We welcome your reviews and we appreciate your thoughts about Blue Whale Solutions. To give you a real back ground about the firm. Blue Whale solutions was a startup firm established in the year 2009 which was initially named as Open wire solutions which had many partners within the firm.
    The company was matured and was fully grown by the year 2013 and then the firm suffered a management restructuring process which lead to partnership slit, again the firm kick started from scratch with a fund backing from a firm called Carmax from VA, USA and couple of investors from India and it started its operation with full capacity and landed to its Own Offshore Development Centers in Alandur, Chennai, India.
    The company Invested 14 Crores ( 2 Million USD ) to Kick start the process from scratch by purchasing its facility such as land, Building and some of its core asserts. BWS is located at the heart of the city, which has seven floors with 2 identical building and currently expanding its offices across US and other countries.
    We would like to pass this message to our Employees, Job seekers, Investors, Ex- employees and advisors as many of the online damages is been caused by some of the competitor firms, peevish people who defames BWS online reputation.
    A special team is being deployed to counter attack our online threats and we are taking necessary steps to counter attack all the blog and fake content spreads across online.
    As part of cost control practice, Blue Whale Employs 1:10 engagements on all of its projects (Seniors, Beginners and Middle Level Programmer’s) apart from all of its core technology practices.
    As part of employee welfare and benefit program Blue whale has deployed a practice of providing free hostel and food for all of its employees.
    Within the employee benefit program, the firm has offered its full capacity to hold 250 Employees at its in house facility.
    More than 4000 + employees who had worked in Blue Whale Solutions had moved to many Tire 1 technology firms and relocated to many countries like US, Great Britain, Malaysia, Australia and many more.
    This company is being a successful career start for all the beginners. Many of our Ex- employees has moved to many Tier one firms like Infosys, Cognizant Technologies, Tata Consultancies, Verizon, etc.
    We have been in the market for more than 8 years and we are still growing with our full capacity to achieve 50 Million turn over within this financial Year.
    As part of our Online Reputation program. We can provide the Pre-Employment back ground verification firms number which work directly with us for all our Ex – Employee verification process and they work for firms like TCS, Infosys, CTS and many more. The below firms can provide exact status about Blue Whale’s Market credibility across Tier 1 firms.

    Shalini D
    First Advantage
    Senior Associate-Operations
    Phone: +91 080 42529000 (Ext: 9189)
    E-mail : shalini.[protected]

    Alchemy Techsol India Pvt Ltd
    Lilly Pushpa - HR Executive -Landline: 080 - 66 22 7642.
    E-mail: lilly.[protected]@alchemysolutions .in

    Malarvezhi Martin
    Investigator Trainee

    TOPSGRUP Risk Intelligence PVT
    T- + 91 22 67711000

    E- malarvezhi.[protected]
    T- +44 20 7582 6975 F- +44 20 7820 0241

    Sneha Kumari | Research Associate-PES
    T: 91 124 4179700 Ext: 743
    We are purely in to IT services and we mainly provide Technology consulting services for the North American Market and HQ @ SF, California.

    Note – We are not a recruitment firm - As part of Employee welfare program we are addressing and providing solutions for all our internal employee related issues. Please feel free to contact or email me for quicker disposal.
    Name: Stacy Reed – Head – Cooperate Affair- Email - [protected]

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