Blue Water Paradise, Inc / front load washing machine

Model Number GHW9160PW0
Serial Number CSS0215488
We have the washer and dryer purchased NEW at the same time. The plastic panels on the washing machine are discoloring with brown disgusting looking soot all over the plastic panels, even the door handle. The dryer, which sits right next to the washer, has no discoloring. It looks as it did the day we brought both the units into the house.
Through my research, it's become clear the material use to make the panels was cheap, unfiltered and not kept to a correct standard of purity. The parts for the washers are made in Mexico and Asia primarily China.
When corporate was contacted, their response was a 30day warranty for discoloration. BS... Apparently they have no belief in their product.
I have pictures.

Blue Water Paradise, Inc

Nov 17, 2017

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