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Blue Sky Limos / Bad experience and rude owner

1 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Friday was my Graduation day; I had - along with 14 friends - booked a limo from this company. We had planned for the limo to drive us to 2 or 3 places around the city so that we could take photos. However, we could not do any of this.

Our limo was booked for 3 hours. Immediately after picking us up, the driver drove to a gas station because of a flat tire; the driver did not consult us if we wished to change to another limo, we did not have a choice but to drive to the gas station. We sat in the limo for 2 out of the 3 hours, waiting for someone to arrive and change the tires. We called the company to ask for another limo, but apparently there was none available. By the time the tire had been changed, we only had enough time to drive straight to the drop-off location. We did not pay more than $1000 for two hours of repair.

We called the company and were presented with the option of a refund for one hour. The manager of the Calgary office, Lance, treated our complaint with politeness and civility. I asked to call back with confirmation after I discussed this with others who sat in the limo.

Choosing to accept the 1-hour refund, the owner of Blue Sky Limos - Jim Korchinski, stated that I email them the request so that it could be processed by the next day. I was unsure if it was the request or the money that would be processed, so I asked "Is the refund guaranteed?". In no way did I mean to sound insulting, I was merely asking to confirm and to clear up something that I was unclear about. However, the owner started to yell "Why would you think that this is not guaranteed? You're insulting me. I said that it would be processed by tomorrow, do you not understand English? Do you understand that? Your father - and not you - is the contract holder. Either you let the contract holder - who actually understands English - speak with me, or you email me by tonight. Do you understand that?" I tried to explain that I was not trying to be insulting, that I was trying to make sure. But, Jim interrupted me each time and would not let me speak.

I did not want to keep saying that I was just trying to make sure, because he would not let me speak. Instead, I just stated that I would email the request for the 1-hour refund tonight. Again, he yelled "Is that guaranteed? Is that guaranteed? How does it feel?". This was very immature and unprofessional. His only reason for asking was because he felt insulted by my question, which I only asked to clear my confusion - and as the owner of a service company, customer confusion is something that he should ensure is cleared.

In summary, I am unsatisfied with sitting at a gas station for 2 hours on my Graduation day. I am unsatisfied by the 1-hour refund presented, but that is something I can handle. I am MOST unsatisfied by the owner's treatment of me during the phone call. He did not have the right to yell at me, to accuse me of insulting him when all I wanted was to clear my confusion by asking "Is the refund guaranteed?", and to insult me by saying that I do not understand English.

May 27, 2013

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