Blue Dolphin National / Matthew Michael Chouteaufront fee credit scam

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Michael Chouteau of Blue Dolphin National ( in Scottsdale, Arizona is running a front fee credit SCAM.

In mid-February 2009 Mike Chouteau took $4500 in fees from me claiming that his company, Blue Dolphin National, was the “parent company” and controlled the process.

In mid-March the funding was due and Michael Chouteau claimed it would be a few more days due to a “paperwork backlog.”

In late April Michael Chouteau said that he was actually only a broker and the REAL parent company would be providing the credit “in the next few days.”

In mid-May Michael Chouteau claimed that the real parent company stole everyone’s money and cannot be contacted anymore. He refuses to identify this mystery parent company stating that he doesn’t want to “place blame.”

In mid-May Michael Chouteau claimed that he never received any money from me and that I had to go back and talk with one of his “brokers” to recover my money.

In mid-May Michael Chouteau admitted that he had my money and had a refund document prepared by a non-existent “legal department” promising to return my money in writing. There was also a written money back guarantee in the original contract in February. It is now four months later and the money is not returned and Mike Chouteau is not answering the phone or email. Blue Dolphin National is a scam.

Mike Chouteau claims to have a “real” office in Scottsdale. It is not a regular office but an office service. He never physically goes to that “office” but communicates with his “staff” by phone, text message and email. The “staff” is someone from a temp employment agency whose job is to take messages. This temp worker is given no information about anything important to company operations. Michael Chouteau will rarely return a phone call or answer an email unless you are a new prospect and he thinks he can get your front fee. Those of us who are owed money and have not see results are usually ignored.

Michael Chouteau, owner of Blue Dolphin National, is a scam broker hustling front fee clients, and inflating those fees at the clients’ expense. Michael Chouteau does not provide any services in-house as he claims. Blue Dolphin National is not a “parent company” and has only been registered with the Arizona Department of Corporations since February 9, 2009. One month later Blue Dolphin National was already in trouble for failing to deliver credit lines as promised. Blue Dolphin National shares a fax number [protected]) with two other companies also owned by Michael Chateau. The other phone numbers he uses are [protected], [protected], [protected], and [protected]. Those may all be scams, too.

Michael Chouteau will often place ads just using his website address to avoid triggering a Google search on his personal and company name and the associated scam complaints. That web address is

The question you should ask before doing business with Michael Chouteau is if all the claims he makes regarding big funding and six figure incomes are true, then why can’t he produce those results for someone after more than four months, or return a $4500 front fee, as promised in his money back guarantee contract? He can’t do this because he makes promises he can’t keep, he claims resources and experience he does not possess, takes our money, and moves on to the next front fee.

If you still choose to do business with Michael Chouteau/Blue Dolphin National please be warned that he has taken money from a group of customers who are filing multiple criminal complaints with the FBI, various state attorney generals, and the Federal Trade Commission, as well as notification of the IRS. We will also begin civil litigation all over the country, which may result in judgments against Blue Dolphin National. If we are successful, the government may seize Michael Chouteau’s assets, and he may go to jail. Those frozen assets may include your front fees if you send money to Blue Dolphin.


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      Jul 20, 2009

    I too am awaiting funding now. He has officially disappeared three weeks ago. He stopped answering his phone and returning both me and my brokers calls and emails overnight. Wont respond to my requests to give me a refund, even though his contract states 1 month funding guarantee. I am going to start processing refunds on my cc and see how that goes, but he also requested a cash payment from me and I am sure I will never see that again. Michael I know you read these posts and you get very bent out of shape. You asked me for a letter or reference when we were complete, but I have one sentence for you: Be a man and return peoples calls, if you are so busy with your million dollar REO deals tell us and refund our money. How can you sleep at night otherwise?

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      Jul 31, 2009

    Matthew Michael Chouteau has not disappeared completely. According to public records on July 31, 2009, Matthew Michael Chouteau will be appearing in Arizona Superior Court Northern Division in front of Judge Ronon in August 2009 on fraud charges that include forgery.

    If you are a victim of Michael Chouteau/Blue Dolphin National, please contact the Gilbert, Arizona Police Department-Property Crimes Unit Document/Financial Crimes. The detectives have opened a file on Michael Chouteau/Blue Dolphin National.

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      Aug 03, 2009

    Update - the Gilbert Police Department has referred the file back to the AZ Attorney General. Please contact the AZ Attorney General with your details.

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      Aug 11, 2009

    I have also been victimized by Blue Dolphin National / Matthew Michael Chouteau. He owes my almost $1200.00. He disappeared more than a month ago. I have a private attorney working on it. Also, I have been in contact with the scottdale, Az police. Since his business address was in scottsdale. But he lives is gilbert and I was referred to the gilbert police. Then I was referred to because this is considered an internet crime. I was also told to fill out complaint form there and the Attorney Generals office site. Also file a complaint with the BBB. So my suggestion is to contact all of the above. The info is as follows.

    Scottdale, Az police: [protected] N 75th St, Scottsdale, AZ
    Gilbert Arizona Police Department: [protected] E Civic Center Dr, Gilbert, AZ Search Blue Dolphin National then file a complaint
    IC3.GOV: File a complaint at the bottom of the page File a complaint at the bottom of the page

    I was also told by an officer that Matthew Michael Chouteau has been in trouble more than a few times. He was arrested for driving on a suspended license, threating a AZ judge, stealing, and others. We picked a real winner to work with.

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      Aug 11, 2009

    He charged my credit card $9800 to himself using his phoney merchant account-a sham company called Wholesale Asset Management. The Arizona Attorney's Offfice will be getting all documentaion; forged receipts, phoney merchant account numbers, etc ASAP. He should be going to Federal Prison for this.

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      Aug 20, 2010

    I was hoping someone with any information regarding the latest news on the status of any case that may be mounting at this moment or has already been established could provide me with an update on where the authorities stand on this matter at the present time.I realize Michael Chouteau is already in prison serving a very small stint for minor charges not pertaining to anything Blue Dolphin National.I would really appreciate any new info. related to this scam & the justice that should so rightfully be done .I dont know anything related at this point .I only know that Mike Chouteau is in Prison right now for no more than 6 months & for charges that are not related to any of the herendous acts of deception he has previously commited with his non-existant sham of a company"Blue Dolphin National.Any & all info. in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Please E-mail me at( [protected] if you have any insight or helpful knowledge related in any way to this crime.Thank you!

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      Jan 14, 2012

    I was also taken for a ride by Michael Chateau and his Blue Dolphin scam. He charged my card for 5, 000. If theres any additional info on this guy or additional documentation is needed, please post to the site. Thank you.

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      Jan 14, 2012

    Matthew Michael Chateau is in jail in Arizona for some of his other criminal activities. I suggest that you file reports with the agencies listed a few posts above. His recent Arizona court appearances can be found in the court minutes at this website under MATTHEW Chateau.

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      Aug 26, 2019

    Matthew Michael Chouteau appears to be a troubled individual. It looks like he goes by Mike Chouteau & some other names & dates of birth. I was scammed like you guys & keep checking to find any other info. I’m out over $25k & a business reputation. Please contact me if there is an open court case I can join in on. I’m in Florida but will travel anywhere to testify. Thank you kindly.

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