Bloomex Canada / Wrong flowers, delivery, no customer service

Chicago, IL, United States

I ordered 4 identical flower arrangements for my family in BC for Xmas. Here are the issues I encountered and as yet, have not received any response to emails or phone messages.

Order 1:
- Emailed to change delivery date (1 week in advance). No response. Finally did a Online Chat and had person confirm new delivery date (but did not print out chat log). Flowers still arrived on original delivery date. Flowers were broken, missing candles, ribbon, & pine cones, and greenery was not varied.

Order 2:
Missing candles, cones, exotic foliage and ribbons.

Order 3:
Missing candles, no pine cones, and only 1 type of greenery.

I was always able to get to a person if I wanted to order, but never if I wanted to have customer service.

This is their description of what was ordered - LF54-50 - compare it to what was delivered for order 1:
Perfectly arranged in this festive arrangement are 2 candles, 4 roses, 7 red carnations, 5 chrysanthemums, corns, assorted greens, decorative ribbons and container with special floral foam to keep flowers fresh for at least a week.

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