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1 Unkown, Germany
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I have been a blog member on "" for 2 years. On 12th September, without any prior warning, I was abruptly banned from the blog, UNTIL I signed an updated "user agreement."

I was totally banned from accessing not only my blog and groups, but from contacting the blog to ask any questions!

And, I did have a question regarding the privacy statement of the user agreement, which I found confusing and hard to understand. Yet, I could not ask them.

The website owners made NO effort to notify me that they were going to do this. I did not know I was going to be blocked from the site.

In MY country, it is ILLEGAL to force people to sign agreements! The alternative to not signing the agreement, is that I would have lost contact with my friends on there, and lost 2 years worth of blogging!

This is not right. Does Germany not have any legal standards regarding contracts and agreements? Does Germany not care about protecting people from being FORCED to sign agreements blindly?

Are Germans really this RUDE and lacking of COMMON COURTESY?

I am not often very fond of my country (USA) these days, but at least my state (New York state) would NEVER allow someone to pull this sort of stunt!

Whats wrong with Germany?

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