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Blizzard / Randome bannings

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i HAVE HAD WoW for 2 years and enjoyed it Recently I have been band for online trading activities and been had one warning and then a few days ago i was banned

i emailed WoW europe and they have not yet emailed me back

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  • Yo
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    Becareful what you type when playing wow...

    For example. If you said in /1 /2 guild chat or even wisper someone about even considering selling your account or something along those lines and you get reported you're finished!!!

    Dont trust anyone! Tell them your friend using your account and you're sorry for his actions but it wasnt you. Or tell them you were hacked but not both!

  • Br
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    OK I`m posting a comment because of mm Frustration and lack of response of WOW GM`s .

    its like this :

    I was playing like every day, as I logged on the next morning at work I saw my Main Stripped and ghost form, as I knew I didn't leave him like that the last time I was on line !

    Any way I tried 3 times to open a ticket as GM mail back They need detailed information of my Dilemma, well a noob got it going at the 3rd time !

    They closed my account for some kind of investigation, I could not play 4 3 days ! and when they eventually reopened my account it was still the same, they did mail me saying they are still investigating the matter and soon I will have my goods back !!

    After 5 days, now keep in mind my Cousin was helping me as he was playing to get me better gear while I was at work and he was on holiday, from school !

    We also decided to change the accounts email 2 his 4 security reasons as I was afraid this hacker had my email 2 !

    By this time I was so Frustrated as a mad man with a Shot GUN !
    well I went and got the best fire wall -> Zone alarm, the Best anti virus -> Avast, the best anti spyware -> XoftSpy !

    and still my account was hacked almost 6 times in a week !

    Any So during the week I was hacked again ! My cousin opened ticket again ! the same story Again !!

    The best part is that I found my Problem, it was a Virus called "moni32drv.dll" google it you`ll see !

    I took care in cleaning it with Avast ! I mailed the GM team or left a Query by the 8th time I was thinking these people doesn't give a damm about me or my account I was BEGGING them Please I want 2 play !

    But I`m still waiting 4 them its been a week still, an no reply !
    its funny how a paying customer gets treated this way ! and best yet I am always helping my fellow m8`s and I`m one of the honest people I know !

    Its the 1st time I get treated like this, I`m from South Africa, My Main Char is called Broodtmaster, and The server is called Terrenas !

    I feel utterly disgusted with WOW and the fact of the Virus which could have been a linked that I was viewing on some WOW Forum ! and the Bad Service of GM in WOW !

    Its like some one has taken away my life, I`m a WOW Freak !
    and every day I cant play is like not living ! or rather dieing !

  • Wo
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    Blizzard are cracking down hard on cheaters such as Yo Yo. It is NOT okay to buy gold or power level services. You will get banned and there is NOTHING you can do. Telling Blizzard bull such as "Oh my account got hacked" doesn't work, they have updated their software which detects a LOT more than it used too. The recent ban wave had zero false positives. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. "My brother/cuosin/etc used my account" excuse is just that an excuse.


  • Jo
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    Claiming that Blizzard's bans had zero mistakes, or whatever along these lines, is just plain bull-****. The ### have had my trial account banned/frozen for over a week before, and I have not done a single mistake. You know what I did? I actually tried to upgrade to WoW Classic from trial! What did I get back? The ***holes froze/banned my account. And I kept calling their customer support & trying to get any sort of convincing explanation why the account was banned/frozen when all I tried to do was upgrade it to WoW Classic by making a credit card payment? And I got no explanations at all...their representative actually had the audacity to talk over my words for a couple of seconds than hang up in my face. And I swear it...that's what happened! They do as they please whenever they please, and they do not give a crap about the treatment of their customers, probably because there are so many WoW addicts who don't care how they're treated as long as they're getting their "WoW fix".

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