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Blinkcard / Get penalized for nothing

1 United States

I was recently mailed a chase debit Visa card with "leisure rewards" (leisure rewards points earned when making purchases), which is to replace my soon to expire debit card. The replacement card is a "Blinkcard". The blink card is the new cards which need only be swiped and requires no signature verification at time of use. I was never asked by Chase if I desire to have a card with this feature. I don't feel secure with this feature and decided to request a card without it. I first called Chase's customer service line and was told I had to go into a branch to have my problem addressed. I went into the branch and was issued a new card which I received shortly in the mail. This week, (June 14th), I tried to redeem my leisure reward points online and could not because the card did not have the leisure reward logo. I called the Chase to redeem my available leisure points. After my request was finalized, I asked about the absence of the leisure reward logo on the replacement card. I was directed to call Chase's customer service or go into a branch office. I called the customer service number and spoke to a representative. It was explained to me that the Chase Leisure Reward Visa Debit Card is not offered without the blink feature and that I could downgrade my card which would mean to give up its leisure rewards feature. I explained my discomfort with having a blink card. Needless to say, Chase's proclamation of "Zero Liability protection....when you notify us promptly", leaves me with little feeling of protection as to there is no definition of the bank's framework of "prompt. Also, as a consumer, I do not think it is fair that I am being forced to place my financial safety in jeopardy or "down grade my card to one without leisure rewards. The leisure rewards feature of my card is the reason I chose to bank with chase. I do understand that the leisure reward program is offered at the discretion of the bank and I have enjoyed its benefits for several years and consider it a great incentive for its customers to remain as such. However it is should also be left up to Chase's customers discretion whether or not they possess a blink card. We should not be penalized because we chose not to.

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