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1 United Kingdom

I ordered wooden blinds for next day delivery. I was informed on day of delivery (Friday) they would not be delivered today and would be Monday, so I requested cancellation as they were for a job on the weekend. They ignored this (Did not reply to my requests). On Monday I waited but nothing was delivered. I contacted them and they confirmed the delivery would be Tuesday. I finally received them on Wednesday.

The blinds were received past the initial date of delivery so were no good to me (As stated and as per the cancellation request at the time). I checked them to make sure they were not damaged as they do suggest, but I noticed they were a plastic (PVC) style. When questioning with them, they said their terms state they can be different style. The product was a wooden blind in the wooden category and does not state anywhere t is PVC. That is not correct business to display a product then say we can send what we like due to terms. I checked the terms and it does not state this, just different woods may be used (Which was no problem, just not plastic). On the products description page, the category page or terms, there was no point stated that wood blinds would be PVC blinds.

I contacted them stating that they did not match what I ordered or the description and that they were not good to me as they were delivered late and I have requested cancellation. I was informed they could not be returned because they were custom. I stated that the product does not match the description which is the grounds for the return (Other than not being delivered correctly or ignoring a cancellation request). Their customer service is shocking and refused to help as they kept saying it was a custom blinds, but my dispute was the product did not match the description which is a valid case to return regardless. They repeatedly ignored this so I have had to go down the charge back route.

I also repeatedly asked for their company information but again, this request was ignored by them.

Note, they do not state their company details on their site which is against the e-commerce regulations, so will make it very hard to claim anything. The company that runs or owns this website is IT Alpso Solutions, they have a UK company which is a subsidiary of them called CB Deco Ltd. so I would assume this the company running this. However, the head company looks to be a Romanian company and not UK.

I have also just noted that the package is shipped with the sender company name as CB Deco Ltd but the invoice states CA Unitrade Ltd T/A Blinds UK

Aug 12, 2015

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