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Blendtec / Blendtec Hp3a & Total Blenders / Blendtec threatens litigation because of honest blender reviews

1 Orem, UT, United States
Contact information:

Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson, aka the Will-It-Blend Guy on has contacted Thomas Fox, manager of 123Vita, LLC and the website by telephone. Tom Dickson said that he wanted to help Mr Fox to save money. He then said that if Mr. Fox would refuse to take off all Blendtec trademarked images and names from the website that he would litigate / sue him with allegedly the best lawyer in the industry.

Of course removing the trademarked names (the pictures are ours), would mean that would have an incomplete review. So Tom Dickson had his assistant send an email to's vedor, blendtec blender supplier / distributor and requested that they would stop selling Blendtec blenders to Tom Fox. See the email below.

Of course, cannot give in. "We must continue with our reviews because they are honest reviews. Every blender that we review is a great blender, every one has pros and cons." Consumers ask why still is selling Blendtec blenders? Of course the answer is that the Blendtec blenders are great blenders, not quite as good as the vita mix blenders, or as sturdy as the OMNI blender, but they belong to the family of High Performance Blenders.

123Vita, LLC still is reviewing and selling Blendtec blenders, especially the HP3A and the Total blender. "Our prices have not changed because we are able to purchase Blendtec Blenders from a different distributor".

It is an amazing story that 123Vita, LLC is attacked by the very company that it sells blenders for. Allegedly the accusations are that the reviews may appear misleading. Thomas Fox states that the reviews are honest and uncompromising, showing all pros and cons. Blendtec has asked that the reviews are being redirected to the positive only...

Tom Dickson, other than the document below, refused to issue any further request made to Tom Fox in writing. A phone conversation apparently is not as good as a proof as having it in writing. But it is hopped that the consumers can see 123Vita, LLC's integrity in its honest pros and cons reviews.

For more information contact Thomas Fox at [protected], or email to and visit the website

Thank you!

Blendtec / Blendtec Hp3a & Total Blenders

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