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This company has a terrible reputation for treating the people that keep its doors open, and in business, worse than an annoying bill collecter that will not go away (i kno, weird analogy :) ), they seem to avoid the issues at hand, and hide behind statements like "not too worry", "our shipment system is backed up" and "your order will ship this week". that was all stated in a response email, only after i inquiring about where my order was! why a 3-5 day shipping window had been delayed nearly 2 weeks!..?.(i discovered recently that the packaging indicated the source of the product came from wisconsin. so yeah...rediculous! this stuff better work like it says!! it has now been just under 30 days since i recieved the reciept email/inoice from klikpay!!! ive emailed 2 times, which is something i do not enjoy or appreciate having to deal with. all i want is my order. the order ive already paid for, and honestly, at this point, i think id be okay just getting my money back, so i can get out of this trapped-like arrangement. writing a book about my encounter with this company was not what i indended, and reading lengthy opinions online is pretty grueling, but i feel its my duty to outline all the things that i (and many many others) negatively affected. i will let you know all the details and generalize it all, and paint a picture in ur mind, of what is EXACTLY in store for u. ill keep ya posted. p3ac3

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  • Ch
      Nov 13, 2010

    I answer all emails. However, some emails end up in our spam filter. I am not sure why this happens. We receive over 1000 spam emails a day and I just don't have time to go through them all. So if you don't hear from me within one business day please write to me again. Regarding late deliveries
    We have notified all our customers that we were forced to move our distribution center from Michigan to California. A husband and wife were running our distribution center. He suffered a heart attack. His wife said she would continue to ship kits but after three weeks she had not shipped a single kit. We had to have a moving company go in and pack everything up and ship it to California. This delayed shipments. Our distribution center is now up and running and we are working through hundreds of orders. We offer our sincere apologies for late deliveries. If you have ordered a Blemish Free kit please send me an email at [protected] and I will put a priority on your delivery.

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  • Ch
      Nov 24, 2010

    I have asked you to write to me at [protected] so that I can assist you. I have not heard from you. You must be one of our competitors who post negative comments about our company in hopes you can sell more of your product.
    We have been in business for over five years. We assist our customers in any way we can. However, some of our customers purchase our product, remove thier blemishes then claim our product did not work. Of course this is ridiculous. Freeze therapy has been successfully used by Dermatologists for over 25 years! These are the customers who post negative comments in hopes of a refund.
    If you have any problems or questions I am always here to assist you. [protected]


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  • Er
      Dec 11, 2010

    if they want a refund, why are you not allowing refund since it does not work?

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  • Sy
      Jan 10, 2011

    It has been over two months since I ordered a product, and I have not received it. After I edited my comlpaint here Charlene finaly wrote to me ( not an autoresponse) that they have not returned from holiday break yet.This seems to be a joke!!!
    Her" assistance" is a joke

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  • Sm
      Jan 22, 2011

    Yep..the exact same thing is happening to me. It's been one month since I've gotten an email confirming my order. The money was takin out of my bank account and no product has been recieved. It's amazing how this sort of thing can happen with a company that is so easily found on the internet. I have inquired twice about my purchase from the company and I received two responses from Charlene. Both times she told me that the distribution center had moved and my kit had been shipped. The UPS man hasn't came by today, but I will wait and see if it will finally arrive after a month. It frustrates me so much.

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  • Ch
      Feb 23, 2011

    We ave hundreds of orders. This is the most effective product you can buy. Please be patient. We are proceessing as many orders every day we can. I you charge back you our order you will be placed on our not order lest and will never be able to order from us again.


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