BLAZINGWORDS/GRANTMASTERSUnauthorized debit in my Master Card of US$72.21 & US$37.10

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Blazingwords offers a Google program for $1.97. I paid it with my Master Card. I was suppossed to receive a CD with instsructions in 2 weeks. Never got it. Three weeks later my Credit Card was debited US$ 72.21 by Blazing Words and US$ 37.10 by Grantmasters (They are both the same company). I never authorized those
charges. I called them back immediately asking for my money back, but all the "customer service" employees were very evasive and unwilling to help. They finally gave # [protected] as a Hotline customer service (This number is answered by someone is Costa Rica (Central America). This person gave an email
address to send my claim: [protected] I sent an email June 26 but so far there is no answer. My bank here in Canada (National Bank of Canada) is helping in everything they can to get these scammers in Utah (that's where they told me they are located). I am sending an email to the Attorney General in Utah, Hon. Mr. Mark Shurtleff. I got three phones from these scammers : [protected], [protected] and [protected].

Thank you,

Frances Guido (Montreal, Canada)


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      Jun 30, 2009

    Are you getting your money back? I've run into the same scam. Got nothing but a big headache from this. My third charge was by a company in their group for $38.43 called The customer service in the Phillipines at [protected] from my card stmt said this was another company name used because the grantmaster were blocked on putting through charges, they use the ploy that it's reoccurring charges which the credit card companies put through even when your card has restriction not to allow charges.
    Let me know if you get you money back and how, please. [protected]
    Thanks and hope this helps.

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      Jul 15, 2009

    On June 23, there was an unauthorized debit of $77.82 to Grant Masters. On June 29 I called to cancel. I was told that the reverssal would be on my acct in 10 days. So far no credit.

    This is raising havoc with my checking acct.

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