Blasckstone North RV Park / Attack of the drunken, drama-king, golf-cart driving manager maniac

My family has been living at the n. blackstone rv park in fresno, ca. for almost a year now. Trailer park living is not fun in general, but here has to take the cake!!! The assistant manager;s husband is one drunken mess. At first things were okay, but somehow he has developed some sort of sick and twisted dis-like for me. I am not sure at all why, although he and my husband had become friends through the summer. Well, , , so far he complained about “certain materials” in our yard that he supposedly found. Mind you i am compulsive about cleanliness and ther wasn’t anything in my yard earlier that morning. He proceeded to blame me saying he heard i was “crazy” …then in the next sentence blamed my husband (who was out of town) saying he must have drove the garbage up and threw it in the yard. He has targeted only me with going to my husband and saying that i have told him personal situations about our relationship …..which is totally fabricated. He recently asked me to discuss selling him something (an electronic) when my husband was at work one day. I said i would ask him when he got home. Times are tough. so my husband agreed to sell it to him. We approached the assistant manager”s drucken husband as he had asked me too and he totally denied the whole conversation. He called me a “Mental-case” and totally embarrassed me in front of other tenants. He then approached my trailer and refused to leave when asked. He is drunk every night and obviously enjoys drama way worse than many ive ever seen in my life. Compulsive liars that drink are worse. Soon he will injure someone driving his golfcart fast drunk in the dark. DANGER<<<<<<<<LOOOK OUT!!!


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