Blackwell financial / No Pay/ Fraud

1 7758 Wisconsin Ave. Ste 307, Bethesda, MD, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 240-743-4653

I worked as a regional manager for Nathania and Patrick and never got paid. I was told to fax my clients tax forms in, and that my assistant would complete the processing via computer. It was messed up from the beginning! I haven't been able to reach Patrick in at least 3-4 weeks and the last time that I spoke to Nathania on March 28, 2012, she said that she would have my check in the office on Friday the 30th and never did. They stole one of my client's federal refund by having it sent to a dummy account and the state was sent to the client's home. Strange huh? They also hacked into my yahoo account and deleted emails pertaining to me asking for my pay, and the specified amount owed to me. They really think that they are slick, however, I had already printed out that information prior to, but now had to change all passwords on all of my accounts, not to mention that they deleted my Blackwell account as soon as I began asking for my money.
I've been to the office 3 times and the office was always closed or someone would say that Nathania isn't there and pretend to attempt to call her. The office appeared to have less furniture/equipment everytime that I would go, as if they are planning to skip town. This is the worst company ever, however, Karma is a ###. It will come back on Tanya and Patrick sometime in life 4 sure!

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