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Blackberry / blackberry

1 Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada

I worked for this company in 2003 and then again in 2012 and harassment began to take place and as a result I've submitted a Better Business Bureau complaint in 2014 as well as a tribunal complaint in 2016. This business needs to be thoroughly investigated.
Some of the information submitted within the complaint is listed below:A woman at Vuteq where I previously worked was shouting comments to me from a distance (name I believe was Laura) Vuteq management was notified of the incident. Approximately Dec of 2015 Vuteq premises as I was leaving work. Lunch has been stolen from Vuteq. I had taken a Goodlife trainer's course and had people join the course and harass me. I've received threats
These issues first started while I was working at BlackBerry and escalated once I was layed off. Vehicle broken into and damage done to car stereo( was rewired) in Mississauga police report was filed PR15-044 7061 keys were stolen, items stolen from vehicle staff have been hired from places I work to harass me, one place was The Monitoring Center in Oakville an Alarm Monitoring Company
John Chen was contacted Oct 6th 2016 via LinkedIn with no response receivedJim Mackey was contacted Oct 8th, 2016 with no response received regarding matter Marty Beard - Chief Operating Officer at BlackBerry contacted Oct 12, 2016.
The following statement was sent to them Mike D Scott has been harassing me and my family for quite some time, you may or may not be aware of this. As a result sometime back a complaint was filed with the BBB bureau because of his actions. It appears he intends to continue with his actions forcing further complaints to be filed. As they're submitted I will forward you a copy of them for your review. A Better Business Bureau complaint was filed July 17, 2014 case# 1302548
On Oct 16, 2016 the following was sent to John S Chen and Jim Mackey

A complained will be filed with the Tribunal shortly in regards to this matter. Thank you
response received from Jim Mackey

"At 11:53 AM, Jim Mackey said the following:Thank you. I do not manage this area."

My response

"At 11:59 AM, Roger Virgo said the following:Okay please forward to the appropriate person and they can feel free to contact me."
John Chen has been contacted via LinkedIn regarding this matter with no response received

Complaints have been filed recently again with Tribunal, BBB, Ombudsman, and our Premier has been contacted. The information below is to provide some additional information on what's being going on in regards to a lawsuit with some former employees.

Nelligan O'Brien Payne LLP has commenced a class action against BlackBerry Limited ("BlackBerry") on behalf of a group of BlackBerry's employees working in Ontario and across Canada.
BlackBerry arranged to transfer over 300 employees across Canada to a business partner. Only after employees accepted employment with the business partner, BlackBerry informed the employees that they had resigned their employment. Blackberry provided resignation letters for the employees to sign and dictated their last date of employment. Blackberry stated that the transfer is not a sale of business, meaning the employees will lose all of their years of service.

BlackBerry's actions amount to a termination of the employees' employment. This entitles these employees to statutory, common law, and/or contractual entitlements on termination. BlackBerry has stated that it will not pay BlackBerry employees any of these entitlements, despite the fact that employees lose all of their years of service.

BlackBerry has breached its duties of good faith and honesty, and has knowingly misled the employees. BlackBerry structured this transaction in such a way as to avoid paying these employees their statutory entitlements.

We seek damages for the plaintiffs for minimum provincial statutory entitlements on termination, contractual entitlements on termination, and/or common law entitlements on termination. We are also asking for bad faith and punitive damages, as well as costs.

Plaintiffs in the class action include individuals who were employees and/or dependent contractors of BlackBerry Limited in Canada, and who were offered and accepted employment with the business partner.

Apr 26, 2018

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