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Purchased some instructions from them on how to build an internet business. their advertisement was that it cost $3.95. No where on this site did it say anything about that this was a "trail" service and that I would later be billed $149.95 per month. They e-mailed me a down load link to down load the PDF file which is what I though I was purchasing for $3.95. I down loaded the file and it was pure garbage. No useful information at all. I just forgot about the incident figuring I lost $3.95. Two weeks later they debited my checking acount for $149.95 without any prior notice or warning and without my authorization. When I called them, they said that I had agreed to a "trial" period and that after the trail it was $149.95. After several minutes of arguring with them, I finally gave up. I did send an e-mail requesting my money back which they denied. I finally had my bank do a charge back to get my money back.

This practice is just pure trickery and should be against the law. I later found out that at the very bottom of their web site, in very, very small letters, mixed in with some other links, was a link to the Terms and Conditions. If one clicks on this link, it vaguely describes some sort of business service that they charge $149.95 per month for and describe a trail period.

this is just wrong. they need to be shut down.

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  • Ja
      29th of Jan, 2010

    This is the information I was told to supply by BlackBeltprft for a refund.
    Name: Laurie Boykin
    email address: [protected]
    shipping address:174 Abel Drive Edgefield SC 29824
    last 4 digits Credit Card: 3486
    Cancelation number: 397176
    Reason for refund: After I paid the $0.99 for the business information I did not receive anything from BlackBeltprft.
    The ad said I would receive information and have time to review the information and could cancel if not interested but I never received any information to review. The company did not send me anything for the $0.99 I paid. The first time I heard or received anything regarding BlackBeltprft was when my credit card called regarding additional charges. I am disputing the charges because I have not received anything from BlackBeltprft. For my $0.99 I was supposed to get information about a business opportunity and never did.

    Also I would like to mention that after receiving the telephone number from my credit card company I called twice on 1/28/10 and left messages but no one returned my call. And when I called in the morning on 1/29/10 the customer representative asked if I wanted to cancel and when I said yes, he said I had to call back again and he could not help me at that time. When I called back I was told to come to this site and provide the above information for a refund.

    Laurie Boykin

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  • Jb
      4th of Feb, 2010
    BlackBeltprft - refund request
    po box 2281 76373
    Port Aransas
    United States

    i requested information on a business oportunity for a fee of $o.99 . i have not recieved that information yet, and now have found out i have been charged $149.00 for some other package i as of yet am not aware if what it even is. i was told to go to this site and give the following information:
    john blanchette
    (last 4 dig. of card) 4380

    conformation # 431651
    i would like a refund of the $149.00 i wasn't aware i was authorizing

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  • St
      5th of Mar, 2010

    BBB says that the company behind the scam is in Florida ( Enado Media, LLC
    Address: 1521 Action Road, #842 Miami Beach, FL 33139 Tel: (877) 651-2112
    Fax: (786) 513-0332) so file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General too:

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  • 99
      25th of Mar, 2010
    BlackBeltprft - Scam
    United States

    Same as everyone else. Never recieved info package on home business. I was charged $149 and when I called to refute, they said they sent information by email. Which I also refuted. They said they would submit it to their refund dept. They have not credited it back to my card its been 5 weeks.

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  • Sa
      26th of Mar, 2010

    Info I bought to pass on to help all who care to see. I did order and listing of at least 1000+ companies for $44.95 and if anyone wants this list sent to anyone looking for all work at home companies I'll sell it for $20.00 which is less than half of what I paid and I think that's extremely far. E-mail me and I'll give you my PayPal info and send it ASAP in Word Pad form. Plus when I get updates I'll send them on to you as I get them included. And it's A LOT of info, I've been reading on it for 2 or 3 days and half way through the info and there's great info in this.

    I ordered 2 kits from 2 separate companies and as soon as I do the sample process and see if the time is worth the money and 1 of the companies are new so it should be cool. Both should be here today at least by Monday. All these companies are suppose to be legit and always check them out for yourself anyway to be safe. I'll give the names of the 2 companies I bought the kits from and a full review 1 - 5 stars after above is done. And if anyone is working for a good company please let us know about them. And always type in the search the name of the company then type scam or real and check 3 or 4 search engines for the low down on them to see if they're for you.

    Good Luck to All Work at Home Workers,
    Sandy G.

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