Black Widow IncScooter scam


Purchase of Black Widow Inc Refurbished Gas-Powered Scooter made on May 7, 2007. The Black Widow Inc website stated that the Refurbished Scooters were in "100% working order with small scratches or dents". I received the scooter with the following issues:

1. Chain loose due to extremely warped bracket not holding it on correctly
2. Wires connecting cutoff switch broken
3. Hardware to attach the seat is missing
4. Hardware to attach part of the gas tank is missing
5. Scooter beaten up beyond "minor scratches and dents" as indicated
on their website

I emailed Black Widow Inc and asked them for a replacement since their scooter was definitely not in "100% working order".

They replied that all the damage happened in shipping and they would not accept refunds/exchanges. I told them it was a ridiculous claim and they once again told me it all happened in shipping and I should "bring it to a mechanic". Then a few days later they changed their website and it no longer says "100% working condition" under refurbished scooters!

I would AVOID Black Widow Inc at all costs. They were totally dishonest with me and ripped me off for $300 by sending me some piece of junk scooter instead of what they promised.

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