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Black Widow Inc / Dishonest practices / poor quality product

1 United States Review updated:

So it's May 7th and I decide I want to buy a cool motorized vehicle. I end up going for a Black Widow Inc Gas-Powered Scooter ( They offer a "certified refurbished" model which they claim is in 100% working condition.

Three days later I receive the scooter and open it up. To my disappointment the scooter had all of these issues:

* Missing hardware to hold on the seat
* Missing hardware to hold on the gas tank
* Broken Hardware holding the chain in place (so chain just falls off)
* Severed Electrical Wires (so the cutoff switch would NOT work)
* Generally in Poor condition and very beat up (Hardly "certified refurbished")

I quickly email Black Widow Inc and tell them I have a broken scooter. I ask for a replacement that doesn't have broken parts. Nearly a week later, Black Widow Inc replies and tell me the damage "happened during shipping". I could hardly believe their BS.

Arguing with them went nowhere and they even had the arrogance to tell me to "have a mechanic fix the problems". And to make things even worse they removed the line on their website saying "100% working condition" under the refurbished scooters!

I would AVOID this company at all costs after the way they treated me. Dishonestly and Poorly. They are offering 10% off for COD orders. I was stupid enough to go for this and now I don't have a way to get my money back. I should have used a Credit Card.

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  • St
      21st of May, 2007
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    Now Black Widow Inc is just ignoring my emails. Don't be naive and buy a scooter from this company like I did. The "certified refurbished scooter" I received was nothing more than a very beaten-down and used scooter completely broken. And Black Widow Inc claimed it "broke during shipping" then told me to "hire a mechanic to fix it". Outrageous!

  • St
      28th of May, 2007
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    Phone Call 5/27/07 10:45am, Memorial Day.

    I Received a phone call from Black Widow Inc "President" at phone number 800-975-0358 x710. I called the number back a few minutes later and got the "Customer Service Manager." I called the extension I was given and I believe it was the same person. The phone call started off alright as he asked me what had happened, and offered me a refund for the scooter. He said it was contingent upon me stating the issue as "resolved" on the complaint sites. I agreed to this but then he started making threats and ranting about the complaints sites:

    1. I told him I had contacted the BBB and his response was "they don't mean anything- they are just a website.."

    2. He threatened to post on websites with my full name and address and that I was a fraudulent consumer.

    3. He told me all of the complaints before mine on the complaints sites were all created by his competition and that he could tell who they were "by their IP addresses"...

    4. He ranted about the complaints sites yet stated that they "actually create business for us".

    5. Several times I reminded him that he was with customer service and how could he talk to a customer the way he was. He continually talked down to me like I was some kind of idiot.

    In general he was very argumentative and threatening towards me. I was extremely puzzled that he would call to resolve the situation and instead go on a huge rant. I tried several times to get off the phone peacefully but every time I tried he would just start threatening me again. Eventually I just hung up on him because I wasn't getting anywhere. I'm extremely disgusted with the way I have been treated by Black Widow Inc.

  • Je
      28th of May, 2007
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    The complaint in question raised great concern in our support department shortly after we were notified of its creation. The supposed customer a "Mr. Steve Collmann" has made many claims of "Dishonest Practices and Poor Quality Products" towards our products and company. He explains the supposed problems he had been having with his scooter and conversations he has made with us. When we attempted to contact Mr. Steve Collmann we were unable to locate any orders under that name. We then attempted to retrieve any information from him that could be attached to an order but we were unsuccessful. Then a "Mr. Steve Collmann" called our toll free number with a blocked number on Tuesday the 17th of May ranting about his complaints he then hung up after we asked for either his order number or zip-code on his order. Based on "Mr. Steve Collmann's" absence in our order system, his inability to prove any legit order information on numerous occasions and his claims of missing/broken parts that do not match any description to any product we sell leads us to believe that the "Mr. Steve Collmann" is nothing more then a jealous competitor. We have put many competitors out of business over the years and will continue to do so. Our competition are excellent at creating intricately fabricated claims and stories to lure back there straying customers and they will always deny any wrongdoing. Its unfortunate for anyone to believe the fraudulent slander because ironically it represents nothing but the excellent quality and service we offer as our competitors have no choice but to resort to slander; one of the lowest forms of flattery. He also claims to have spoken to a representative today the memorial holiday via telephone which even further proves his fraudulent claims as the phone lines are closed the entire day. I am replying to the fraudulent slander from my personal PC. We will be glad to challenge any competition. We will be glad to challenge any claims of "Dishonest Practices" or "Poor Quality Products". The thousands of customers who are satisfied owners of our product can speak for us.

  • St
      30th of May, 2007
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    It's very sad and shocking that Black Widow Inc has decided to slander my name here instead of resolving the situation. Take a long look at their post and all the ridiculous lies they posted and then look at these pictures below. I think they will speak for themselves.

    Black Widow Invoice:

    Bank Statement showing purchase of money order:

    Walmart Money Order Stub:

    Scooter I purchased:

    Shipping Label from Black Widow:

    Area where electrical wires were severed (fixed in pic..)

    Bent bracket on scooter:

    I think the evidence speaks for itself. Go ahead and look up the UPS tracking number (1Z 9Y8 0V3 72 4649 107 5). Whatever decision you come to at least learn from my lesson and NEVER buy with a money order but always use a credit card. That way you can get your money back when you are defrauded.

  • Th
      31st of May, 2007
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    The broken wires are an easy fix: Buy a Radio Shack 30W soldering iron and light (thin) rosen core solder plus some electrical tape. Wire nuts (used in your house wiring) may also work but corrosion may develop.

    Check at an auto parts store or maybe a hardware store for needed will-fit replacement hardware.

    If the scooter is otherwise OK then you may get some use from it. But if the outside is trashed, I would expect the motor to be trashed. You never said what you paid or what a comparable-but-new scooter might have cost you. We have many dealers here who sell scooters & golf carts. Golf carts are popular for non-golf trundling-about around here.

    Consider Clint Eastwood's famous movie line 'A man's gotta know his limitations.'

    You posted ' ... that I was no mechanic and could not fix a problem like the cutoff switch wires being severed completely! ' This means that YOU should only buy vehicles of any type NEW so that you get a warranty at a dealer who will solve your problems.

  • Ad
      5th of Jun, 2007
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    Dude, honestly man... what did you expect? $100 off doesn't come without knowing that obviously some parts of the scooter are gonna be worn and torn a bit. Refurbish by any means to me is interpreted as : " Used, or repaired... expect it not to look quite new" .

    Now how you interpreted refurbished is completely beyond me... but you should know what to expect under those circumstances. Mr. Cheap skate could've just thrown down a measly $100 more ( that'd you save in gas in under 2 months time) to just get everything completely, squeaky new...

    Refurbish is fine if you can handle the minor wear and tear you SHOULD expect... and everything you listed was easily fixable...

    We're not doubting that you did indeed purchase a refurbished "Black Widow", we're doubting what you exactly expect...

    Now from my personal experience, these seem like good, honest people to do business with... they're willing to give discounts when they save money... they're willing to actually pass on some of the savings to the customers. Have a fun time looking for other people who follow the same path.

    Oh and... my Scooter is coming to me with a life time warranty on it... for under $ 370 total, I just got a lot of entertainment, and a means of transportation in the summer time when I don't want to burn a hole in my wallet for gas money. Next time, only buy refurbished products if you can handle them...

  • St
      20th of Jul, 2007
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    "Adam P",

    Since when do "good, honest people" from a company call up and threaten consumers with libel and lawsuits and even post on a message board saying the customer does not exist and is their competition?

    Certified refurbished is hardly defined as having broken parts like a chain that falls off, warped brackets, and electrical lines that are severed..

    Black Widows Inc treated me absolutely terribly. I didn't feel like I was dealing with a company, I felt like I was dealing with the mafia. The "President" actually called my home phone and told me he was going to trash my name on the internet. Yeah that's fabulous customer service alright..

  • To
      16th of Sep, 2007
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    Nineteen days after I ordered this scooter I had to email them to ask why I have no scooter or so much as a tracking number. Even though I replied to them thru the conformation email THEY sent me, they say without verification they regard the email as fraudulent. After a second request with the order number and my name they tell me it was out of stock the day I ordered it and they had notified me by email, which I will assure you they did not. They offered me another model which I do not want and requested a refund. Now we will see how speedy this refund is and it had better be PDQ. Nothing good to say about this backyard retailer.

  • Mr
      26th of Jan, 2008
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    I don't feel safe ordering the refurbished black widow now even though i expect wear and tear, the motor must be rebuilt to be called refurbished, there must be all hardware, there must be new parts such as clutch, chain, sprocket, tires and everything else thats thrashed.. otherwise you can't call it refurbished... even though its $100 off you still can't get away with calling it refurbished and have someone recieve a peice of garbage with "easily fixable problems".. Regardless, when they get the black widows in stock my friend and I will be purchasing 2 of them New and we'll see how good of a scooter it is.

  • St
      25th of Oct, 2010
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    Black Widow Inc - Placed order almost 2 weeks ago and the order is still &pending...&
    United States

    Great products...I believe...I wouldn't know for sure as I still have not received my order. Tried numerous times to contact- only have an email. To no avail. Placed order almost 2 weeks ago and the order is still "pending...".

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