Black Horse Pike Animal HospitalHorrible Quality Service


This hospital is a complete rip off and is not dedicated to the health and service of the animals that go there. My dog broke his leg and we rushed him to the hospital. The triage nurse that was assisting us was quite rude. The amount of money that they required me to pay upfront for my dog's optional surgery was ridiculous. When we asked if we could not pay all of it right away because we don't have $4000 just sitting around, but we do have pet insurance, she just shrugged and said that we'd have to go somewhere else. Who says that? While he was in the hospital we visited, and the nurses complained about his whining all of the time- he's a puppy who had just undergone surgery what do you expect? A couple of days after the surgery I noticed that his splint was slipping so I made an appointment for him to get checked and rebandaged. He wouldn't eat that day and I told the nurses that he did not eat anything at all and if they could let him have something after the examination because I had to drop him off and go to work at 11AM. When I came to pick him up at 6:30PM, I asked if they fed him, they said no and gave me a blank look as if my expectations were too high. I just SPENT almost $4500 so far for my dog to live, and you can't give him just a little bit to eat?! When he came home he just flopped down on his bed like a limp body and didn't move to make himself comfortable. I thought he was going to die! I quickly gave him some soft food and he ate it. My poor dog was starving the entire day and they didn't care. I am used to having to spend alot on quality care for my dogs, but I expect a great level of care and respect as a customer especially when I am spending that kind of money. I will never go back to this hospital- they also ripped me off a couple hundred dollars and couldn't explain what the charges were. The front desk promised that the office manager would look at the numbers again and would give me a call- SHE NEVER DID.

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