Black Edge Capitalit's definitely a scam

I found this company on the list of companies that invest in crypto.
It states it's a leading blockchain fund. Leading among what companies? Similar ones? Excuse me, but each fund states it's leading. What am I to do then? Provide the examples first and maybe we will believe you.
They say they are a team of technologists, consultants & marketers, but again I didn't find any information about them. How many people are involved in processes? For god's sake, who's the founder of this mickey mouse organization?
What exactly was so hard to introduce the team to the world?!
I had no doubt that as their contact they would provide an online form and an email. The most useless ways of getting in touch with companies. Ever.
Here is my conclusion: please, steer clear of them and don't even think to invest.

Dec 12, 2018

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