BitUnion Technologies, Fayetteville, ARrip-off

BitUnion can't define where exactly they are located: USA, UK or UAE maybe.
It's said that the company was "officially incorporated in September'18 after internal growth for several months". Excuse me but what they did before being incorporated? Worked unofficially? Does the internal revenue service know about it?
Then they state they are the leader of gold and diamond mining in several African countries. The same question should be asked? Are these countries aware of that?
One more strange fact is that this so-called american firm can be encountered in russian internet.
What the point of this scam?
Well, this serious and well-experienced company wants $25 from you, the minimum fee is 10 dollars. they themselves don't know what the want. The website designer was obviously drunk as hell.
They offer a simple pyramid scheme and you know that it's always a scam.
BitUnion Technologies company doesn't exist. At the address they provided a job center is located. Not them. They thought it would be easy to fool people around?

Nov 21, 2018

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