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Dalin stole our money, and delivered nothing. Shimjith is a cheater fraud.
Hi, I have given them my website (will disclose name after 2 weeks). They took the money and have not completed. I have hired people and they are not doing anything. they are nothing but fraud. After spending weeks speaking to Bitstark and today Dalin said to me come to India I will show you what I will do to you.
These people are mafias and for money they will do anything to you.
he said to me come to India I have your passport and all the details. I will deal with you and I will show you how I will ruin you in India.
They have stole me money. use to get lot of scam emails from Bitstark and I have even seen in the night all they do is send emails across the globe and I got in this scam and I just gave them call and the project was 1.25 lakh and I even went to see them in Bangalore and found out that they are really scammers and they don't know anything and also the portfolio they have on the website don't even work and I am ready to launch websites against them and even against the head of this scam company Dalin, in the being I thought that you are marketing manager and which was lie you are head of company with shimjith. I have send money to Dalin's personal account.

Nov 05, 2016
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      Nov 06, 2016 FRAUD SCAM - FRAUD SCAM

    none of the apps and website showing their website done by them. Fraudsters cheating innocent people. Beware of

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