BitBlock Groupsuspicious, be careful

One of their disadvantages is a single page website that provides absolutely unnecessary information. I mean it's useless.
Let's consider everything they have.
They state the company is headquartered in Boston and Hangzhou, China, plus they also have branches in Singapore and Beijing. What are the addresses? I can tell you I have apartments in New York тв Los Angeles, but I doubt someone will believe me without any proofs. Why would I believe this company?
What We Offer and What We Have are just words, not going to pay much attention to this.
Cases. No links.
Institutional Investors. No links.
Media. What does it mean? Are they your partners or they mentioned your company in articles?
Ecosystem Builder. Didn't understand what you meant.
Contact. Two emails and that's all. Not enough for the company that has at least four branches that collaborate with lots of countries.
Something is definitely wrong here.

Dec 12, 2018

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