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Contact information: is the one of the most vivid examples of bad customer service I have ever experienced. I should have paid attention to the bad reviews written about them by other gamblers that have been scammed by this so-called legitimate online casino. Everything about has so far been a drag. Creating an account takes forever and they take their sweet time approving your ID information. I am usually not a big fan of standard casino games and I prefer to place my bets on something more realistic, such as Mexico not reaching the Soccer World Cup 2014 in Brazil. I bet 7 Bitcoin on it and I won some back. However, I have not been able to access my winnings. That was my one and only bet on and I expected everything to go smoothly. It didn’t. They have a minimum payout amount and apparently I haven’t reached it with the winnings from my bet. I tried to explain to their customer services that I wanted my account closed because I didn’t want to carry on betting on their website anymore. They took me literally and closed my account with my Bitcoin still in it! Who does that? I now have no Bitcoin, and no account, so I can’t contact anybody because I have to be logged in to do it. 7 BTC is a lot of money and stole it from me through their scam! I can’t believe I got ripped off like that and lost all my money to these thieves. I recommend anyone to read and pay attention to negative reviews for because you run a high risk of your Bitcoin being stolen. Do not join this scam operation or give them any BTC and tell your friends not to join either!

Apr 7, 2014

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